Lost In Life

Audrey is just a regular teenager in America. Little did she know going on her class trip to Paris would change her life forever. Meeting the Harry Styles for just two seconds will change everything. When she auditions for the X-Factor everything changes, just not in the way she though they would.


3. The Plane Ride

I felt a lot of pressure on my face and the same amount on my stomach. I woke up just in time to see Hope hit me a third time, this time in the chest, with her pillow. "GET THE FUCK UP!!!" Hope was screaming. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:30 and we had to be at the school at 7:35. And we had to walk to school today! I jumped out of bed screaming and ran into the bathroom before Hope even knew what happened. Ten minutes later I had finished showering and started drying my hair. After the three minutes that took I let Hope in so she could shower too. While she showered I got changed, i put on my light grey sweatpants and a white cami which showed an inch on my mid-drift. I then put on a yellow hoodie and started doing my makeup. I did my usual smokey eye makeup and threw my hair up into a teased bun.

"Hope are you almost done?" I yelled down the stairs to the bathroom. "Almost! I just can't find a ponytail holster!!" "I can give you one! Now lets go!" I screamed while running down the stairs. i almost collided into Hope once I got to the bottom of the stairs. i slipped on my UGG's and grabbed my purse and backpack. Iran into the kitchen and grabbed two doughnuts. i was heading towards the door when Hope reached for one. "NO!! It's mine!" I yelled with a smirk on my face. I'm quite grumpy in the morning especially when it comes to me and my food. Hope already knew this, and she just laughed it off and got herself a doughnut. We grabbed our suitcases and began the 15 minute walk to our high school. It was around 7:18 when we left the house. We should be able to make it in time to no miss the limo to the airport.

As we walked we just cracked jokes and laughed a lot. "I can't believe we're taking a limo! This is so exciting!" Hope proclaimed. I just laughed in agreement. finally i pulled out my iPhone and headphones and we started to listen to music and we just sang as we walked to school. We knew we were good but we didn't try to show off at all. Serena, Hope, Anna, and I were all in a group together. we mainly just put covers on YouTube and performed at the talent show or at choir concerts. We want to try to audition for the X-Factor, but that's just a dream of ours that will probably never happen.

The walk flew by and before we knew it we were at the school. I looked around to see who al was coming. While scanning the faces I saw a bunch of people I didn't prefer to socialize with, including Carly's. I noticed that a lot of the girls were wearing skinny jeans and heals and all this dressy stuff with tons of makeup. I honestly didn't understand why, but whatever it's their choice. Then I looked and i saw three faces I didn't expect to see! the first was Cassie's, I ran up to her and gave her a hug. "I thought you weren't come!"  I said with a huge smile on my face. "Ya I decided to surprise you and not tell you when I found out my parents would let me come." she replied with a smile also on her face. Then I turned to the next familiar face and it was Serena. "You don't even take French." I said with a slight laugh. "You know why I'm here." she said with the biggest grin on her face. "One Direction." we said in unison, her voice being more enthusiastic than mine, because I honestly didn't care that they were going to be there. Then I was attacked by Anna and her hugs. She's so pretty, she's the opposite of me basically. She has brown hair with blonde highlights and she's quite short, about 4'11". She's also super skinny with HUGE boobs and a small butt. the only thing that isn't the polar opposite of me is our personalities. 

I was excited to have the whole group here, specially Cassie, who managed us. But now we can practice in front of people we don't know and get to see their response. We all we just talking, Serena randomly saying One Direction facts and us ignoring them, when the limo pulled up. All of a sudden I got really nervous... I just don't know what for. I've never done well with planes since 9/11, but I've never been like this before. I hope everything is ok with me.

When we arrived at the airport we had two and a half hours till our flight, but it was really busy today so after going through security and everything we had about 45 minutes left until our flight. Our little singing group managed to find the food court in O'Hare Airport. That only killed like 20 minutes, so we went back to the group and quickly got bored. Cassie decided to have us sing because some people we noticing us from our YouTube channel. So Cassie plugged my phone into a speaker and found an instrumental version of two Little Mix songs. They were our most popular covers so we thought it would be a good ice to sing those. First we preformed Wings, which went really well and gathered a bigger crowd. Afterwards we sang DNA and we got such a great response from the audience the Cassie just went through my phone and chose songs for us to sing. Finally the time came for us to board the plane, and the nervous feeling was coming back. I just blew it off and too my seat next to Hope. Across the aisle was Anna then Serena. Cassie was in the row in front of them and poor Cassie had to sit with Carly. Thankfully Cassie fell asleep quickly and I began to drift off.

i suddenly felt pocking on my face and I instantly knew it was Hope. I woke up with an extremely stiff neck. I had slept on Hope's shoulder the whole plane ride so far. Everyone who was around me, even people I didn't know, were telling me that I was the most adorable sleeper they have ever seen. "Ugggh. Well that's embarrassing." I said turning to Hope who just laughed. "Do I have something on my face?!" I quickly responding, feeling my cheeks get hot. "No," she replied "You just get embarrassed so easily I find it amusing." I just rolled my eyes. I turned to Anna an began a conversation with her. We just talked for hours. We still had another hour and a half of the plane ride when she started getting tired. So I turned to Cassie, who was now awake and being tormented by Carly talk about One Direction, and asked her if she still had my phone. she quickly nodded and went into her bag. She handed it to me and I said thank you. Before she turned back around she mouthed the words "Help Me!". I frowned and mouthed "I'm so sorry." back to her. I plugged in my head phones and went to my playlist and pressed shuffle. the song "Hey You Beautiful" by Olly Murs came on and closed my eyes. I fell back asleep and dreamt of meeting Harry of One Direction and us being together. I woke up as the plane landed thinking "What the fuck did i just dream?" I shook it off and gathered my stuff and prepared to exit the plane. Little did I know how true that dream was going to become my reality.

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