Lost In Life

Audrey is just a regular teenager in America. Little did she know going on her class trip to Paris would change her life forever. Meeting the Harry Styles for just two seconds will change everything. When she auditions for the X-Factor everything changes, just not in the way she though they would.


1. Th Beginning of it All

"Alright class! Take a seat and listen up!" The extremely cheerful Mrs. K said as she rushed into the room. "I have such exciting news for you! I just talked to Mr. Bennett and our trip to Paris has been given the Okay!" she joyfully told us, putting extra emphasis on the "o". She quickly began passing out pink pieces of paper to each of the students. 

I sat in the exact center of the room. It wasn't my first choice to sit there but someone has to, plus my best friend Cassie sat next to me so that was ok. "Are you going on the trip?" I asked Cassie as she pulled her long, brown hair into a messy bun on top of her head. "I was planning on it," she replied looking at the sheet our French teacher had handed to her. "but not anymore..." she trailed off. I gave her a confused look and questioned her answer, but I knew why she had replied that way as soon and I looked at my information sheet for out trip.

" TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?!" I slightly screamed. instantly i started to blush, i hated having the attention on me. I wasn't the prettiest or most popular girl in the school, unlike Cassie. She was tall and had gorgeous long brown hair, her weight was distributed perfectly on her body and had beautiful features chiseled into her face. She also just had a great personality and was extremely athletic. I was a few inches shorter than she, but my weight just was horribly distributed. I mean I had a nice ass, but that came with huge thighs. With that came a stomach that wasn't necessarily flat. My blonde hair was about shoulder length and wavy. I did have some nice features and I'm not saying I'm ugly, I'm just not the prettiest girl out there.

"Oui! Isn't that such a great deal?" Madame responded happily. I just gave a quirky smile back while letting out a half laugh that was meant to be sarcastic. "Now turn to page deux cent quatorze!" she demanded clapping her hands. 

Although I was turning to page 214 in my french book the only thought running through my head was my parents response to the price of this trip. We had already paid the down payment and we can't get it back. And thats all I thought about during the day, not even paying attention to the math test I had to take.


"Mom! I'm home!" I yelled as I walked though the front door and headed to the kitchen for food. "Hey what's up?" she responded walking into the kitchen. "What do you think?" I laughed while pointing my head towards the fridge. And she laughed in return. I then immediately headed up to my room to do any homework I had since I didn't have soccer practice. I put my headphones in and started to listening to One Direction. I wasn't the biggest fan but I know facts about them and I listen to their music. I worked for a couple hours on home work and then went down for dinner.

"umm...mom? Dad?" I said in the middle of dinner. "Remember the Paris trip we have coming up in a month?...It costs $2,000" I told them nervously hoping for a positive response from them.

"Ya we remember." my mom started. "What's the problem?" "The price?" I said somewhat confused. "And..." she was still waiting for the problem with this situation. "That's not too expensive?" "Audrey, honey, you're going out of the country. That's a pretty good price! Do you not want to go?" my dad responded. " No! I would love to go!" I replied, putting a lot of emphasis on the "love". After that we dropped the subject and I realized i was going to France!

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