Harry styles, from One Direction quit from his career. He decided his job didnt have enough "action", so he became a killer. Not a slasher but an evil person to watch someone suffer. He uses poison but not the kind you think of... Not killing you instantly but making you suffer every day for a month slowing your every move. His target is a fan he has saw before, Anna. He thinks shes beautiful so why not watch her die and keep a mold in your basement?


1. Quit-1

Harry's POV

       I walked onto the stage. We all sang WMYB, and there she was she had a sign that said, "kiss me harry: anna". She was a beautiful, no flaw girl. I had a strange feeling inside me... Wanting to kill. Like i needed to do something about it before i never see her again. I dropped the michrophone. Everyone gasped. I signaled Anna to come up on the stage. Her face brighted then blushed. She inched her way through the crowd. I could tell she was shy. I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. Yes the lips. I screamed I quit while Liam was singing. No one heard me so I pulled Anna by the wrist and held the mic in my have then screamed "I quit". A girl broke down in tears and thousands chased me. I grabbed Anna and pulled her away with me. I knew that I couldnt get away without doing something so I threw the michrophone at Nialls head and he cried and bent on his knees. I smiled and picked Anna up princess style while the fans were distracted. I knocked down all the guards on the way to the plane...

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