Half Of Me

In this world, at birth, you get a unique necklace. On the necklace, is a charm that is half. The other half belongs to your future soulmate. And the necklace gets warmer the closer you get to your soulmate. But when Grace's other half belongs to the famous Louis Tomlinson, she goes across the world to find him.


2. Sophia Found Her's

"Hey Sophia!" I shouted.

"Hey Grace, guess what?"


"I found him. My other half."

"Really? Who?"

"Niall Horan."

"Oh wow! I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks. Louis and Niall invited me to come visit them on the X Factor. Do you wanna come?"

This might be a good opportunity to see if Louis has the other half of my heart-like charm.

"Yea I would love to."

-- 1 Week Later --

"Grace! Sophia's here!"

"OK mom I'm coming!"

I ran down the stairs, running with all my bags.

"I'm ready!" I shouted

We got in Sophia's father's car and went to the airport.


-- Landing in LA --

We are here. In the U.S.A. We were told to haul a TAXI by our parents. We call them CABS. We drove to the X Factor houses. We got in, and walked up to the guest room. The security told us to go to room 4J. We walk in to the room, and Niall and Louis standing there. Sophia ran up to Niall, giving him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. Sophia and Niall went to learn about each other, while me Louis talked. It's weird, because he is so similar to me. We like all the same things, and dislike the same things. The whole time, my necklace felt like it was burning through my skin. Then, the question he asked me would determine if he is my match.

"Can I see your necklace?" he asked.


It was common manners to ask to see someone's necklace, in case the person knows who the match is.

He held mine in his hand, holding his in the other.

Louis' POV

I held Grace's necklace in my right hand and mine in the left. They look very similar to each other. Also, if you think it matches, you have to put both halves together. They fit.

Grace's POV

They fit. I knew it.



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