Half Of Me

In this world, at birth, you get a unique necklace. On the necklace, is a charm that is half. The other half belongs to your future soulmate. And the necklace gets warmer the closer you get to your soulmate. But when Grace's other half belongs to the famous Louis Tomlinson, she goes across the world to find him.


3. My Match

I can't believe it. Louis and I sit in shook as we look at the two charms together. We both got up, then, Louis pulled me in and gave me a kiss. I kiss back. I've finally found him. As we kiss, Niall and Sophia come in.

Niall's POV

We walk in, to find Grace and Louis kissing. We both see their necklace charms fit together. We walk out, to let them have alone time.

Grace's POV

A couple of minutes after Niall and Sophia left the room, we pulled away. They saw the two charms together. They knew we were matched.


Author's Note: Hi! I have planned out the whole story. Thanks for reading!



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