Miss Gravity

When the most popular girl/gymnast laughs at Mia Pines ,looks and personality, Lizzy shows off to her that she is a way better gymnast then her. In Lizzy's world gravity isn't a word........ Seriously it isn't. She has a secret a deep one that no one will ever know about till the FBI starts getting suspicious and soon finds out her secret.


1. The secret

September 30th 2013


I don't know why I picked this Diary up, my mom thought I should share my feelings in this, she says that "Now that your a teen your life will become difficult" well more then you expected Mom!        She doesn't know how it feels to be different, and I mean really different, like weird different.

Anyways it all started when I was watching a popular girl do some gymnastic stuff on the field, she was trying to impress all the boys and girls. Mostly boys. So I went up to her and said your really good, and she said "Oh thanks, I heard your a gymnast? Is that true?" I mean she seemed really nice, but boy was I wrong. I said "Yeah but it's no big deal". "Oh come on show a trick, I mean I hope you aren't scared."  I took a deep breath, " I can't show you, my tricks I-I-im different". She laughed and all of the sudden a huge crowd was around me chanting "Show a trick, Show a trick", and etc.


 I made a huge mistake, talking to her wasn't the mistake, showing the trick was. I walked up to the school wall and started climbing it, putting my boots onto the bricks popping out on the wall. I look down and the whole school started to crowd around, I was about 20 feet up. I shouted down to them "Where im from we do gymnastics differently." I took a deep breath and jumped off the roof of the school doing a triple back tuck, when I was about to hit the ground, I put my arms out and stopped, floating about 10cm above the ground. The whole school was shocked, The popular girl "Mia" looked at me with a jealous look on her face.

I put my arms down and touched the ground again, and grinned shyly to the crowd around me, with there eyes popping out of there head. One of the boys started to clap amazed of what just happen. If my parents ever found out they will kill me! I'm not suppose to show myself to the world, I was so stupid for doing this, If the wrong person was around me when I was doing that I would be a science project! Or even on the FBI's most wanted list.

I got home from school that day and picked up my orgon (A orgon means Cellphone from where I am from.) I bet your all wondering where I am from, well lets just say it's not on earth. I'm from the planet Neptune, I look like a normal regular person but i'm not I'm an Alien. Not those ugly green ones you hear about on tv, just a Alien who looks regular. Aliens can overcome gravity that's why I can float and do stuff no one else can. My family came to earth because my fathers boss sent him here to research these weird creatures, called Humans.


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