truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



10. The Kiss .

 I see it's 6:30 in the evening Its the weekend and I have nothing to do ... Are you fucking kidding me ? I might just go bother Harry and Louis today I don't know I'm just bored. I looked down at my phone to see I gotta text from a random number " Hey it's Niall wanna hang today ? " I texted back the number with a yes , How did he get my number anyway ? oh wait I forgot about Aria she has my number so she probally gave him it to him . 


I go down the stairs to find my mom and her boyfriend making out on the couch " Mom this isn't 1983 anymore and yuck !" the both giggled as I leave the room I hate when they make out it burns my eyeballs and make me wanna vomit out blood cause it was that gross. I go on top of the counter to get the nutella and grab my lucky spoon and began to swirl around while licking the taste of greatness of the spoon but then I was interrupted by a whistle outside my porch door and I go outside to see it's Niall standing in the field I ran to him still with the nutella in my hand . 

" What you doing here ? " I said while trying to gasp air into my lungs " I just though I could just come to see you " and he smirks but still looking at the ground " Oh , the bad boy wanna see me .... well I'm flattered your here with me in this field of grass " I said but he laughs at me and begins to look at me with his beautiful smile wait .... what am I saying I can't fall for him ? I need to remember to not let him get to me especially my feelings " oh by the way I love the shorts really brings out your ass and legs " he smirks I turned around and he grabbed my arm and pushed me against his chest and we both stare at each other for about 5 mins " I need to go change cause I'm kinda of cold right now " He nods his head and let me go What just happen ? Did we just glance at each other ? His eyes up close is like the color of the clear blue sea. 


I get change and put on my crazy mofo shirt on with my black skinny jeans and my red vans. I rushed down the stairs and see Niall " Hey bad boy " I said walking towards him and steeping over the big tall grass and small ones , he stares at me with a smirk looking up and down at me  " You look hot what am I saying ... you look sexy " I blushed at him and I grabbed him by the arm and we begun to walk to a drive in movie theater. I look at the screen to see what was on it was The Lost Boys with the two Corey's ; Corey Flechman and Corey Haim , I can't forget about them they were my crush when I was about 4 years old  " Come let's grab a seat " He said guiding me to two seats in the third row in the back I heard my stomach growls and I look at Niall he hears the sound and gets up and walks towards the food stand. 


I watched the part in the movie where Micheal meets Star and it always gets me cause you know its beautiful how he falls for her at one sight in her beauty god she is lucky. I hear someone start to yell and in a instant I hear Niall yell I turned to see Niall and some guy aruging but then I see Niall punching the guy in the face and not stopping he continues punching the guy in the face Why is he doing this ? I ran over and grabbed Niall hand then drag him off " You better not fucking mess with her I'll fuck you up" I go over to the guy and it's Zayn What the fuck just happen ? I see Niall get up and begun to walk fast " Niall ! " I say trying to catch him " Niall! " I said again " Niall look at me ! " I said while I jump in front face " What happen back there ? " he ingroned my question I stare at his hand covered in blood and tissue in his hand showing. 


" Niall .. answer me " I said while staring at him in the face "He wanted to fuck you Jess ... He wanted to fuck you " and he begun to cry into my stomach I couldn't help but cry to Why did Zayn asked me out but in reality he just wanted to see how I was in bed ?  It's like a re - run of what happen back in my town god I just can't take it anymore " Niall its okay " he gets up and yells in my face " JESS IT'S NOT ALRIGHT , I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I HIT HIM I SHOULD OF STAY OUT OF IT AND JUST LET HIM FUCK YOU ....I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU " he says and I just stand there with a blank expression on my face " But I thought you was my friend and that we were something ? " I said and a tear rolled down my face he begins to smirk and laugh "You honselty think I wanted to be something with you ....well I don't and guess what you are nothing to me so just leave " and he sits down "Fine , I will " and I begin to run away and when I reached my house I go up the stairs closed my door and locked it I cry and cry until I passed out. 


Why did Niall say that to me ? I though he was something to me and that  I could trust him but I can't ..... he will break your heart into tiny pieces. I hear someone yell my name downstairs and I walked to open the door and I see Niall I begin to shut the door but he stops it with his foot I look at him and his eyes are blood shot red and his eyes proof up "Jessie , I'm sorry for what I said back there I didn't mean it I was angry and mad ... I took it out on you " I look at him up and down " Why should forgive you huh ? Why should accept your apolog- " I was cut off by Niall landing his lips on mines I couldn't help but give in to it and kissed him back. 


We keep on kissing but stop and look at each other

" Jess , I love you " 


I smiled at him and kissed him back..




Hope you like it and enjoy it <3 


TeamNessie <3 lol 

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