truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



11. The Hickey .

We finished kissing which felt like forever but which was actually 20 mins we stopped and looked into each other eyes and smiled " Niall ? " and he looks at me still with a little red in his eyes       " Why now ? Why like me now ? " I said but took a step away from him , he comes up  a step and puts his hands on my arms and guides me back to this direction " Jessie I knew since day one that there was something about you that just makes me feel happy and glad and it changes me " he says and kisses me forehead " Wait here okay ? " I say and run up the stairs and grabbed my blanket and some pillows and head back downstairs " Stay with me please ? " I said with a smirked he grabbed the pillow and put its on the big chair and lays down " Come one princesses " He said with a smile . 


I put the blanket around me and laid next to him with my head on his chest I could hear his chest as beats each heart beat I couldn't help but count it my stupid self " Jessie ? " he asks and I look up towards him with his eyes glancing in the porch light wow his eyes are really pretty and very blue " Yeah ? " he leans down and peck his lips on mines and let go of my lips slowly " Good night "  he smiles at me and I kiss is hand and drift to sleep I couldn't help but just think about me and Niall ... Did he really mean this ? Was this a prank or something ? I don't know what to think. I get up and its morning Niall is still here with me I thought he would of left when I was in deep sleep but he actually stay with the whole night I couldn't help but smile at that. I get up and start to walk out in the field and watch as the sun peaked behind the trees but then I see a reflection of water and I start to see what it was and I begin to walk out more towards the water and I see the big lake that starts as a beach then a lake wow this is beautiful  I see benches put on the sand and I sit down. 


I might just come here often or just a lot " Jessie ! " I hear someone call my name and then notice it was Niall voice " I'm at the water front Niall " I yelled back and I see him walking fast towards me " Why did you walk off on me ?" he says in a serious tone I couldn't help but look up at him " It's okay I just wanted to see this calm down " I said while throwing a pebble into the water " You should a least tell me where you were going " he said and grabbed my arm Is he this protective ? " Well you found me right " I say while walking into water and watching as the sun gaze on the waves I felt arms go around my waist and warmth on m neck I felt Niall as he begun to kissed my neck but then he gets to one spot that makes a moan escape from my mouth         " Found it " he said wow I never moan before and god it felt good to do that. 


We head back towards the house with  blanket still wrap around me fuck it was freezing outside but then I remember the season was changing and it was becoming winter. We reached the house and I walked up the porch stairs and turned back to look at him " Bye bad boy " I said and  I walked towards the door still freezing my ass off right now but then I feel Niall grab my shoulders  and pushed me on the door and picked me up with arms " I could make you feel right in all the right places " he says and begins to kiss my sweet spot on my neck again but sucking on it.




He starts sucking on my sweet spot on my neck and I couldn't help but moan even more " Niall I don- " he cuts me off by placing his lips on mines and he places his tounge into mine and our tounges begun to dance along with each other but I could feel his warm hand travel up my leg and to my spot and start to rub it in circular movements and I had made a loud moan " Niall ... don't stop " I say into his ear and he begins to rub it even faster and faster and I moan louder and louder but then Niall stop and looked at me " Jess I want you and I need you " he said and kiss my forehead and left he left me there in shivers and feeling great. I go up stairs and take a little nap that lasts into late at night " the fuck ? " I said out loud and look around I'm fucking hungry I go downstairs and begin to make a cup of ramen noddles and heat it up. 


What happen earlier ? I couldn't even remember one thing at happen but all I remember is that I was in Niall arms and felt safe and comfort and that's it but then it hit me ... Did Niall fell me up ? I walked past the mirror in the hallway and admired my messy bun but then I see a red mark on my neck WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ? I touched it and exam it a little is this a hickey on my neck ? but then I go back to my memories and all I could see is Niall on my neck I couldn't help but let out a little scream from my mouth God this a fucking big hickey ! 




Sorry that was short and crappy chapter  but guys I'm gonna make another book to this one and please guy check it out thanks <3 

and I went on the fan ficitons for this month for popular and mines is there thanks you guys for all your love c: 


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