truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



7. Party

I couldn't believe who was at the door . 


It was Aria . 


I climb up the stoop and give her a hug " Jessie come with me were playing truth or dare " she said while guiding me towards the living room I waved bye to Harry and Louis while I leave. I sit down next to Aria and we begin to play but I see Niall sitting there with his arm around a girl I soon notice it's one of Sophie slut friends " So .. how do we play by ? " I asked " If you dont answer the truth or do the dare then you take a drink " Aria said and I smile at that I could already see me getting drunk tonight " Who goes then ? " I put my hand up and asked Aria truth or dare " Truth " I think of a question " Okay is it true that you eat your doritos with ketchup ? " she looked down and sigh " Yes , I do sometimes not all " everybody said eww at her but I just laughed , everybody went but then it was my turn and it was the hoe Sophie's turn.


" Truth or Dare Heart butt ? " I lifted my eyebrow and smirked and lean back " Dare " she gave me the creepy evil smile I fucking hate that shit " I dare you to go upstairs to the second room and make out with somebody " she smiled again I swear this smile is like chuckie's smile when he is about to murder someone " with who ? " and I looked confused but a little smile " Niall " what ? Did she just say Niall ? the fuck out of all people swear I'm going to get her for this that ughhh .... " What ? " and I stood up " You heard me go in the room with Niall and make out for 16 mins " she smirked and I stare at Niall who looks as confused as me but worse .


I grabbed Niall and bought him to the empty room and locked the door. He stands at the door with his hands in his pockets " Soo ... " I layed back on the bed " Soo... " I said while staring at the ceiling he comes and sit on the bed next to me " Are we going to make out or what ? " I look at him " No " and he gets off the bed  and stare down at me " What do you mean no ? " I lay back up " Cause I'm not like that dude " and I take a drink god this is fucking strong " Then how are you ? " he yells at me and put my finger in his face " First of all , dont fucking yell at me and two I dont fucking know you we might talk and all but we don't know each other you don't know me and I certainly don't know you soo " and I fall back on the bed . He takes the chair and puts it at the edge of the bed

" Sorry for yelling plenty other girls will just do the make out and we leave " and I still looking at the ceiling see the glow in the dark stickers all over the it " I'm not like other girl's you know " I sigh and pull my bangs out of  my face " I could see that ... Hey do you wanna drink ? " he asks me and I lay back up again " The drinks are down stairs " he pulls out a bottle from his sweater and fulls my cup up with strawberry vodka " Thanks " I gave him a smirk and I chug my whole drink down just in one sip " God , calm down alright " and he laughs at me I couldn't help but laugh myself too " Wanna lay with me ? " and he nods his head and lays  down on the bed with me " Isn't the stars pretty ? " he gets up and look at me like I'm crazy " Are you high right now ? " I laugh at him and get up and turn the lights off , Wow the glow in the light stars looks even more beautiful " These stars " and lay back down on the bed we sit in silences and drink a bit more. 


" So what makes you come here to Ireland then ? " he asks me well I came here because one my father was druggie and threaten  to kill me and my mom but then me and my mom ran away and then my mom fell in love with a Irish man and then bam here I am     " Oh , finical problem back where I use to live " I lie " Oh " and he takes another drink " So are you as girl say you are a bad boy ? " and I smirked while saying it " Well kinda "  I gasp and laugh he is lieing to me " I don't see it " I turned my face to his and stare at his blue eyes " Well I see it " and he smiles and we both just talk about each other like what do we do and stuff he told me he loves food and sometimes sneaks out in the middle of the night to get either Nandos or Wendy's he a fatty but a cute fatty . 


" What time is it ? " I asked while getting up " 1:18 " fuck I'm late " Will you ... walk me home then ? " he nods and puts his sneakers back on I think I'm kinda drunk right now  I walk towards the bathroom but I hear kissing noises me with my nosiey self opens the door 


Harry and Louis making out ? 


okay I think I drunk right now .




Hope you enjoy and I really got you guys you thought it was going to be Sophie but turns out to be ARIA ! lol but yeah write your thoughts on the book and what you wanna see so far . 

I'm trying my best to make big paragraphs for you guys so yeah stay tuned . 


Love you :) 



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