truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



3. I Can't Let Him in

I take my tray and begin grabbing food. The food smell and taste good well beside the broccoli .. I stare and pick up the broccoli Why the hell did I even get this anyway ? and set the broccoli back on my plate " What's up ? " I hear a boy's  voice behind me and I get scared a little but I am relieved by the handsome face I see " I'm Zayn ... Zayn Malik" I stare into his eyes  and it was hazel brown. I couldn't help I had to just say something " Your eyes are just so ... beautiful " I smile at him but soon  I could feel the heat of my cheeks rise up a little but soon he notices it and smirks a little " I think your turning into a apple dear "  he said to me . Oh my god .. he notices my cheeks fuck I'm so embarrassed right now " I'm so sorry " I put my hand on forehead and he grabs it and place it on the table and begins to rub his thumb on my hand. " It's okay Jessie " and he smiles at me. 


Me and Zayn just talk about normal things like the Miami winning the game and the some near by skate parks  and hangouts etc ... etc I'm glad he told me about the hangouts so I could at least know some place I could go after school or during the weekend so I'm not stuck with the two love birds kissing in front of me all day ; god that makes me so sick to stomach every single fucking time. Zayn and I say our goodbye's and he leaves my table , I sit at the table in silent just eating my food and watching as the girl's gossip away and the boy's just acting like ... boys ; I saw a boy walk over to my table and it was Niall. 


" Mind if I sit down with you ? " he asked I nod my head in agreement . He pulls out the chair and sits down " So why are you sitting here with me for ? " and I take a bite out of my sandwich and a sip of my Arizona " Well I just wanted to just talk to you that's all " he smiled at me while I take another sip and I look at him and rolled my eyes I need to remember what Harry said to me         " Don't let him get you especially your feelings " that saying runs through my head over and over again . " You are very special you know that right " I said with sarcasm and a smirk and he takes  pieces of grapes off my plate  Is he eating my grapes ? I chuckled a little bit and look at him "What? " he says with a bunch of grapes in his mouth that makes him look like a monkey I couldn't help but laugh at him . 


I get up to throw my tray away and  head for gym. I get into my gym clothes and head outside for soccer " Hey , your Jessie right ? " this random girl asks me " Yeah and your name ? " and look at her while I tie my shoes " Sofia Blackwell " she smiled at me and we both head out to the yard. Today lesson in gym was ; sweat ..sweat and more sweat but including soccer , I was one of the best players back at home but I stop going to soccer a week before I came here and I regret it some days but other days I don't " Go Jessie ! " I heard from the bleachers and I put my hand over my head to see who it was and found Harry but I look left to see Niall and Aria there with Zayn ? 


Why were they together for ? 




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