truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



14. High School Love

I wake up and it Monday again .. you know what that means school , I hate going to school cause that bitch Sophie I swear some days I'm gonna choke her with her long hair just grab it and choke her with it but you know I don't wanna be arrested so. I get up and head to the shower and run the water for a little bit cause I love my water nice and warm I turned to look at the mirror to see if the hickey was still there but thank god it turned into just a little red dot on my neck I'm still gonna curse Niall out for this still " Jessie ? " I hear someone call my name and I turn around to see it was my mother I get scared a little bit but then I calm down " Mom you scared me " I say and put my hand on my chest like I just had heart attack ; which I did " I was just wondering what you will like to eat for breakfast today ? " I put my hand on my chin and think " I'll like maple oatmeal " I said with a smile and begun to take my pants off along with my underwear " Okay with sugar too ? " she asked and I nod at her answer. 


I'm fully undressed and I hop in the shower and starting washing up but I couldn't help but sing in the shower " I want you to rock me .. rock me ... rock me yeah " I say out loud and I could hear my mom from downstairs saying be quiet and I couldn't help but laugh . I get out and blow dry my hair and get all the tangles out of it god I hate combing my hair cause it hurts so badly but then in the middle of me combing the death knots out of my hair I hear rustling in my tree at first I ignored it but then the second time I check to see what it was and see Niall at the top of the tree and just sitting there " Creep much " I say with a smirk and stared back at him wow his eyes really glaze in the sunlight  " I can't admire my girl as she gets ready to go to school " he  said while stepping closer to my window and puts his head on  mines " Well your girlfriend is  a little shocked that you came to see her this fine morning " I said and looked into his eyes and I could feel his lips brushed against mines and by that second we begun kissing but soon stop when we were out of breath " I'll see you in school babe " he winks at me and begin to climb down but he soon climbs back up and kisses my cheek and climbs back down again . 


I walk out of the bathroom and put on my outfit it was a grey pullover sweater with my light blue skinny jeans and white chucks  I really admire my outfit a lot. I walked downstairs and see my mom making breakfast for herself and I see my bowl of oatmeal on the counter I grab my lucky spoon and begin to eat " Mom did you ever have a high school lover ? " I say while I was eating the oatmeal she looks at me and smile " Yeah I did it was your father oh boy he was a hunk I admire him and I wanted him more than anything and when I had him I was the most happiest girl in the world but then .... things change and people change ... when you get to that point in love where you get tired of each other and just love falls apart that's what happen with me and your father " she says while making pancakes " Mom I love you just know that and ill never get tired of you okay " I say and hug her. 


I begin to walk out the house and I hear my mother yell out " Bye love you " I waved back at her and begin walking to school ; I hate walking to school especially by myself you just feel so lonely all by yourself and no one to talk to just silent but I soon get startled when I feel someone jump behind and grab my waist I turned around and see Harry behind me " You fucking dickhead " I say while hitting his arm " I'm sorry it was funny " he says and playfully pushes me . We make it to the school parking lot and I see all the social media gorupies and other people of society but then I see Niall with his friends and I don't bother him and I just past him and leave him to his friends . 


" So what's going on with you and Louis ? " I asked him and smile " Nothing we are really great friends " he says and I could see a smirk come across his lips " Yeah "friends"  but you guys look cute to together  " I smile  and he pushes me again and laughs with me " Well I gotta go to class " he says and waves bye to me and again I'm left by myself again but then when I'm walking to my class I feel someone grab my arm and I'm pushed against a locker " Hey babe " I couldn't help but smile and kiss him 


it was Niall 




I'm sorry I haven't been on for a long time and haven't update but I've been busy and all so yeah love you guys please don't stop reading I'm gonna be making a twitter and Instagram for this book and ill tell you when the next update is on both thanks guys :) oh yeah my book is on the popular page for this month and its all for you guys thanks <3 


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