truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



2. Bad Boy Niall

Jessie P.O.V


I begin listening to Mr. Fitz again and still looking at the girls staring at him like he is a piece of bacon with extra grease on it .. Am I that hungry ? I chuckled at myself. I leaned over to take a piece of doodling paper out of my bag but when I came up I saw a piece of paper on my desk folded , I looked around to see who it was from and the only eye contact I made was Niall's.

" Hey are you new here ? " he asked and I picked up my pen and replied back to his question " Yes I'm new here and why are you asking me this ? " I folded the paper up and gave it to him. He returned the paper back " Just asking ;) "  wink face ... Was he flirting with me ? I replied with a  simple okay . The bell rung and I begin to gather my things up for my next class "I saw you Jessie" Aria said with a smirk on her face " What do you mean ? " Fuck she caught me passing notes with Niall " You was passing notes to Mr. Horon huh ? " and she started walking backwards in front of me " I don't know what your talking about Aria ? " I got caught. " Stop lieing to yourself , you know you was happy " she said smiling at me " How could I be happy if I don't even know him ?" I shrugged and walked into class.

I came across a desk next to this boy and god his hair was very flawless , I sit next to him and put my history textbook on the desk. " You must be Jessie right ? " and I turned to look at him with confusing look " How do you know my name ? " and he smirked " Its a small school Jess , and when there is a new person in the school there name go around fast like lighting " I laugh a little bit and go back to finding the page the teacher assign today lesson was about : World War II.

" I need you guys to pair up and read the selection together and do question 1-30 from the textbook" I looked at Harry " Do you want to work together ? " and he nodded and pushed his desk towards mines. " And he will fall asleep in three .... two ..... one and he is asleep " I laugh and Harry smirks at me " Does he does this everyday ? " and point at the teacher " Yeah he does and he is a heavy sleeper too so don't worry " he smiles at me and I turn towards my back pack to take out my lip balm but I find my wrap bacon from this morning I forgot that was in there and I take a strip of bacon and started eating it " Do you want one ? " he nodded and handed him one.


" What do you know about Niall Horon ? " I asked and he stared at me " He is the bad boy of the whole school he get what he wants when he wanted it but there one thing you need to know " I have a blank expression on my face and just take another bite of my bacon " What  ? " and he picks of the pieces of bacon and I look at the teacher past out with a donut in his hand " Don't let him get to you espically your feelings"


Niall P.O.V


Who is that Jessie Girl ? she was kind of cute in a way but I don't do dating , I only hit once and that's it I cant let her get to me I'll just flirt with her  . I walk towards the water fountain to find Aria there " Aria , what a great surprise ! " I said with a fake excitement " Hi " she leaned over the wall and watch me as I go for water " Mr. Horan what are you doing out of class in a time like this ? " She is a funny one " You've seen that new girl Jessie ? " I nod while drinking the water " What do you think of her ? " I get up and lean across the wall " she is  pretty and cute , but I don't do relationship especially with her  "

She gets up and away " Whatever you say "

Jessie , she is something but I can't quite put my finger on it . But I need to remember that I don't do dating and don't do relationships ..




hope you enjoy :) , please comment vote favorite etc.


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