truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



8. Author note

Hey guys 😊

i just wanted to thanks you guys for reading my book and loving it I really appericate it really 

but it brings smiles to my face plus laughter a little while I see you guys eager enough to know about the book trust me guys there is going to be a lot to come 😄 but you gotta stay tuned and favorite it to get updates of this book so yeah guys and fan me on my mumbles for sneak peaks of the book and more so yeah please give thoughts on the book and what do you like so far about it and what you wanna see happen in it ? 






Update tomm 😄

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