Find Her

The end of the world, or at the least, the end of the carefree lives that everyone on Earth is used to.

What comes next? After 'the end of the world' what is left to be salvaged?

- Time travel fic-


1. Prologue

A hush falls over the crowd and we shuffle forward. 

‘We have a solution,’ the man says and of course we all grow excited, yelling and shouting while we clutch on to the arms of husbands and wives, or sons and daughters. All except me. Expecting to be saved by this last minute announcement ten minutes before the Earth goes up in flames.


Its already decided, what will happen to us. Whether we live or die here in this cave, the last vestige of humanity wailing in the dark. 


He steps forward, a sardonic smile playing on his lips. 'This planet is doomed. There is no-one to save you now.' 

I stare at him, too shocked to act as the others cry. There is something wrong with this man, the way he can smile as the world shakes beneath his feet. 

'Sol 3 is no more.' The words are whispered, reverent, and I push through the praying crowd to look at him. I have no family, no-one to whom these minutes belong. I have to see.

I press through the crowd, no time for apologies. But what I see, oh God, what I see.

His face. Every second it changes. He looks down at me, that impossible man and he laughs.


Then the whole world erupts in flames- 



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