Only You Can Bring Out the Humane Side of Me

The story is based on this line: “Only you can bring out the humane side of me. Your love is my weakness.”

It's about a man and a woman, who loves each other... but the man has promised the female never to tell her he loves her, so he tries to make her say it first instead.


2. ... bring out...

This time he wasn't the one who tried to hang on her. For once, she was the one to try it on him, for the first time, but honestly it wasn't awkward. She wanted this, wanted to seek out his warmth and comfort, and to feel him close. Yes. Him. Of all the people she knew, it was him she wanted to be near and have near, and no one would be able to change how she felt. So when she slowly and steadily wrapped her arms around him from behind, she felt good and secure. He always made her feel like that.

                      He looked over his shoulder, to confirm who it was, and honestly, when he saw the silver hair, he wasn't surprised at all. He just raised his eyebrows at her, he could feel her cold through his clothing, and slightly wondered if she was freezing... though she never embraced him in public. So this was a quite odd and rare situation. He touched her hand gently and smiled slightly, whatever had gotten into her today might be nice for once. He parted his lips slightly, letting a teasing question slip over them, but the female didn't let go of him as he had expected she would, she only drew herself closer to him if anything, and gently rested her head against his shoulder blades. He asked her what had gotten over her today, but she just gave him a vague answer that he could barely hear, and had to ask her to repeat, though that didn't help him at all.

                      She turned her head and looked at his braid, while she tried to avoid his question, by mumbling some incomprehensible words. She didn't want to answer, because honestly she wasn't quite sure herself, it just felt... right. It felt right. But she didn't want to admit that to him, because she was certain he would just tease her.

                      The taller male sighed, if he couldn't get an answer out of her, he at least wanted to look directly at her face. That might give him some clues, since the silver haired woman wasn't exactly an expert at hiding what she was thinking. Most of the time, she was almost an open book. So he took a hold of her wrists, made her let go off him, and turned around, still holding his grip around her one wrist, pulled her closer, so they were standing front against front, and looked at her surprised face and wide silver eyes. He couldn't help but smirk slightly, before he slowly snaked his arms around her slim waist and folded his hands on her back. Now he could see her face, and the pure surprise on it, only made him laugh lowly. He leaned in a little closer, making his nose touch hers, while he smiled that handsome smile of his, and asked his question once again, this time locking his eyes with hers.

                      The female averted her eyes none the less, trying to find a way to avoid the question, when the perfect solution popped up in her head. She looked into his warm amber eyes, and slowly she leaned up to gently let her lips touch his, while she placed her small hands upon his broad shoulders. She smiled slightly when he returned her kiss and pulled her a bit closer. Slowly she wrapped her arms around his neck, while she pressed her entire body against him and closed her eyes. And then that tingling sensation in her stomach suddenly returned. She didn't know why, but she had felt odd lately, whenever he kissed her or they were having fun. It was as if it was just a tad more... enjoyable and... nice. And every time it made her long a bit more for him.

                      He smirked into the kiss as he tried to deepen it, and the smirk only widened, when he got his will. This was a rare occasion, so he wanted to see how far he could push it. He didn't mind this, he didn't mind this at all, and if it weren't because the silver was so... shy in public, he would have been able to get used to it, because it was nice to have her close like this. She might be the definition of ice cold, but that just made them more cooperative, since he himself had a tendency to get too warm, so sometimes it was nice to cool down a bit. But that wasn't the only reason. He liked the curve of her body, too, and how it felt to have her close, because her body fit with his. She weren't too tall, but neither was she too short. And the curve of her waist was placed perfectly, so that when he put his arms around her, he didn't have to strain his arms or his back too much, to hold her in a comfortable position. If he wanted to be cheesy, he could almost say she had been cut out for him to hold, but he didn't believe that was the case for even a second. Slowly he broke the kiss, and looked upon her slightly flushed face. He could see she didn't feel all that comfortable with the situation, but she didn't seem to mind it either, actually, her eyes told him she wanted this, and that made him wonder a little.

                      She made a dissatisfied noise when he broke the kiss, but didn't move away from him, none the less. She looked at him, looked into his eyes, which she could see were trying to read her at the moment, and probably also succeeding. She said his name lowly, trying to draw his attention back from the analyzing, and it worked, he looked at her, with that gaze that said he was listening. Her rosy lips curled into a small smile, one of those smiles she had started showing him so much lately, a true smile. She wanted him to see her smile, even though she in the past had fought so hard against it, now it just felt as if she could trust him enough, with showing this side of herself to him. He was, after all, a friend in her eyes... perhaps even more, her sub-consciousness added, but she ignored it. Even if she wanted them to be more than just partners, she knew the male well enough to know it wouldn't happen. Not now or ever. She sighed and looked over his face, taking in every handsome detail. If she couldn't have him... she could at least enjoy the time they spent together, and brag with that she, at the moment, was the only one he was sleeping with. But she weren't the type who did that, she thought, so she wouldn't. She would just enjoy the handsome man in front of her. She parted her lips slightly, saying something to the blonde, asking him a question, and he sent her a teasing smirk when he answered.

                      He looked upon her sweet looking face (even though he knew she wasn't really all that sweet) while he answered, his lips might be smirking, but there was something else in his eyes, something that wanted her to say something special. The only problem was that he was certain she would never let the words escape her lips, not even if they ever were to cross her mind. He had been observing her lately, had seen how she acted around him. She seemed more affectionate... a bit gentler than usually. And he wasn't sure what he was supposed to interpret from it, but maybe... just maybe, this was what he had been waiting for. So for once he was hesitating a bit before he opened his mouth, he wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but... he wanted to ask. He needed to ask her. He looked into her eyes, and in a calm voice he spoke the question he had on mind... hoping that maybe she would catch the hint this time. He asked her if she could remember that he swore that if he ever fell for her it would be silent love. When she nodded her head slightly, with a confused look on her face, he smiled a little relaxed, even though he was pretty sure she didn't get the hint, but at least it looked like she was thinking about it. Then he could have some hope for her. He then reminded her that he always kept his promises, and he simply couldn't help but laugh at the utter confusion that showed up on her face. She confusedly asked what he wanted to say by this, but when he just smiled as an answer she frowned. He liked playing tricks on her, he almost felt like saying he loved seeing her different expressions, because they were wonderful and they never seized to amuse him.

                      Confused she looked, confused she felt and confused she was. Why would he bring that up now? What exactly was it he was trying to say? Her sub-consciousness was screaming at her, but she didn't want to listen to it, because it simply could not be right... could it? No... it couldn't. It shouldn't be. So she looked into the males eyes with her silver ones, once again, and this time she tried to see if she could find something in there. Perhaps... she could use his analyzing against him for once. She wasn't sure what she expected to find, but she wasn't expecting this... she wasn't expecting to see his amber eyes almost glowing with anticipation... and something else. She couldn't quite place it, but it didn't look like any kind of glimpse the blonde usually had in his eyes. She couldn't describe what she saw... she just knew that, that glimpse... wasn't something she had seen in his eyes before. So she was still confused, and she still didn't get him at all. Everything was as they always were... except that glimpse. Slowly and gently, she lifted her hands from his shoulder, and placed them on each of his cheeks. They felt warm, and she was suddenly aware of how cold she actually was compared to him. She could see goose bumps spread on his neck, and thought that to him; she must be just as cold as newly fallen snow. She got up onto her tip toes and gave him a sweet short kiss before she looked into his eyes once again, while she opened her mouth and carefully asked him what he was expecting her to say, what it was he wanted to know.

                      He smiled wryly while he returned her kiss, and when she asked he just smirked at her, and said she would have to figure out for herself, he had already given her hints enough as it was. And if he had to make it any clearer, it would be too obvious. But he knew that was what she needed, unfortunately. It was rare she caught onto his hints, so he had to be creative this time, if he wanted her to catch onto it. And he wanted her to, he wanted her to say those words; wanted to hear her say those words. And when an idea came to mind, he looked down at her with calm eyes, and put a warm hand on top of her cold one. He then asked her to close her eyes. She sent him a weird look, but did as he told her, none the less. He then smiled, and removed her hands from his cheeks. He placed her one hand on his shoulder, while he intertwined her fingers with his, on her other hand. Then he cupped her cheek with his free hand, and gently stroked it with his thumb. He then bend down, and kissed her other cheek softly, before he moved his mouth to her ear. And in a low voice... he instructed her to say the first thing that came to mind, when he had done something. He wasn't expecting it to work, but it was worth a try. So he got back in a position where he could face her, and smiled slightly at her closed eyes and expecting expression. Slowly he closed his own eyes and kissed her softly and gently, very differently from how he usually did it. He slowly moved his lips against hers, as he gently tilted her head a bit with his hand, to get a better angle, moving his lips a bit firmer against hers, but still very slowly and gently; one could almost say he did so in a caring manner. When he could feel her almost melt into the kiss, he broke it, but everything was still done calmly and slowly. He even let his lips linger a bit on hers, just so he could carefully open his eyes and see her expression. Then he waited for her to open up her silver eyes, and when she did, he caught them... and he read shock in them. None the less, she opened her mouth, and let the words he had so waited for slip over her sweet, sweet lips; “I love you...”

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