I wrote this just before my last day of school last month, but I think I've finally edited and perfected it enough.


1. School.

On your first day of school
They don’t tell you what to expect, 
Or what you’ll have to endure. 
Early mornings are difficult,
Colds are somewhat harder to cure
When you’re walking towards
A day of chores, poorly equipped for the cold. 
Classmates can be competitive,
And sure, competition is fun. 
But not when the race is repetitive,
And only the winners have won. 
You spend your days lived out
On overpriced cookies or chips, 
Talking and gossiping with friends.
Relationships are difficult to deal with,
And the days, well, they never end. 
Being examined on how well you know
All the dates of the war and the lines
In a play that your parents were taught,
When all you could want in the world
Is to text without being caught. 
You’ll have to think about the future,
When it’s just too early to know.
Choose something to study for the next three years,
Even if you’ll never think about enjoying it,
Just think about possible future careers,
And get a job, or face unemployment. 
In a world of elitism and prejudice,
You’ll have to be something you’re not,
But at the same time, be yourself,
Oh what the hell, just be the lot. 
We’ll hate our time whilst we’re there,
But one day we’ll leave teachers and friends behind. 
Freedom is what suddenly awaits us,
With more respect, harder classes…
We then want a new prospectus,
Calling for help from everyone there. 
It’s a bigger jump than we’d be used to. 
‘Take me back! This is too far for me!
I can’t bear A Levels, they’re too hard!
Please take me back to my GCSE’s!’
We’ll get over the whining, we’ll get on with it. 
So say farewell to your immature days,
The easy classes, the tightly rolled rules,
Your time has come to move along,
Say farewell to school.

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