Just Not Good Enough

Hey I'm Konor and I'm 18 I'm the type of person who loves to dance and sing and play around but i can be very serious at times I have 2 best friends Sadie and Natalie and I have a sister and a brother Katelynn is my sister she's 11 and my brother Kameron he's 24 I also have a boyfriend Mr.Harry Styles we first met when i went to a one direction concert it was the best day ever I'm so glad i met him without him i wouldn't be who i am today


1. The Day we Met

Tonight was the night me and my bestfriends Natalie and Sadie were going to go see one direction we were so excited especially me because we weren't just going to the concert we were also going to the meet and greet

we all got dressed i wore black shorts with a white shirt that says directioner and black and white vans. On our way there we jammed to one direction the whole entire drive there were girls in the car next to us doing the same thing "I Guess they are also going" Sadie said "haha i guess so" Natalie said.

So when we arrived at the concert it was already crowded we got in line and the boys were just arriving Sadie was screaming Zayn's name Natalie was screaming Liam's and i was Screaming Harry's name he actually heard me he looked over smiled and waved at me i went completely crazy when we walked in all the rows were filled we had 3rd row seats so it was pretty hard trying to find our seats but luckily we found them.

The Boys started off with Na Na Na we were all jumping around and singing along during Little Things Harry wouldn't stop staring at me i just smiled back like an idiot ans sung along to it. They ended the concert with What Makes You Beautiful. It was time for the meet&greet we were all the way in the back of the line "what if they get tired and leave and we won't be able to take picture with them" Natalie said "don't say that!" Sadie said "they would never do that just be patient" i said "Konor you know when it comes to something I'm like in love with I'm not Patient" Natalie said "look we are up next" I said

Harry's pov

I saw that girl i waved and smiled at earlier she looked at me and i looked back she started blushing and then turned around It was her turn in line to take pictures  she asked for a kiss on the cheek so ofcourse i said yes.

Konor pov

He gave me a kiss on my cheek deep down inside i was melting. Sadie took a picture with Zayn he picked her up and Natalie took a picture with Liam he put her on his back. when we took our second pictures we all did silly faces. I asked Harry if he could sign the shirt i bought with me. "Sure love what's your name" he said "Konor with a K" "that's a beautiful name"he said "thank you" i said with my cheeks turning pink he smiled back at me his dimple was showing and i could not stop smiling. When Sadie and Natalie and I were leaving Harry stopped me and asked i f i would like to go out sometime "But you don't even know me" i said "That's why i'm asking you out" "sure i would love to go out with you" i said we exchanged  numbers "i can't wait till tomorrow" he said "Neither can i" i said "i'll text you tomorrow" he said just hearing harry Styles say that made me want to faint but i kept it cool and said "ok".

Harry pov

I asked her out and she said yes "where did you go" Niall asked me "oh nowhere" i said "yeah right" Liam said i saw you talking to that girl over there i started smiling "what did you do...?" Louis said " I asked her out " "and what did she say" Zayn said "she said yes "OoOo harry got a date" Liam said "oh quiet' i said "are you excited?" Zayn asked a little i said while scratching the back of my neck.

Konor pov

"What just happened" Sadie and Natalie said at the same Time "he asked me out" i said ahhhhhhhhh" Sadie was screaming "are you serious" Natalie said "yup he said he was gonna text me tomorrow" "you have his number" Natalie said I smiled and nodded Sadie was still standing there with her mouth wide open.

When we got home i ran straight to my room and picked out and outfit with Sadie's and Natalie's help "omigosh i can't wait till tomorrow" i said


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