Just Not Good Enough

Hey I'm Konor and I'm 18 I'm the type of person who loves to dance and sing and play around but i can be very serious at times I have 2 best friends Sadie and Natalie and I have a sister and a brother Katelynn is my sister she's 11 and my brother Kameron he's 24 I also have a boyfriend Mr.Harry Styles we first met when i went to a one direction concert it was the best day ever I'm so glad i met him without him i wouldn't be who i am today


2. The Date

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face "GoodMorning Sunshine" Sadie said while walking in my room "Hey" i said "do you know what today is" Sadie said I knew exactly what today was "umm let me guess" i said "you know what today is" Natalie said walking in "You wouldn't shut up about. My phone vibrated next to my desk and we all looked at each we all jumped up Natalie and Sadie pushed me down before i could grab my phone they started reading the message out loud

Harry:"goodmorning love can't wait till tonight i'll pick you up at eight" They Both read 'awwww" Sadie said " I bet someones happy" Natalie "shut it you two" i said

we all got dressed to go to lunch i wore jean shorts with a pink crop top and pink and white converses and i flat ironed my hair. after lunch we went to the mall and bought a whole bunch of stuff. When we got back home it was 6:00pm I have to start getting ready i took a shower i got out at like 6:25 Natalie curled my hair and Sadie did my make-up we were done like around 7:15 so i had to start getting dressed i wore a dress with a bow in the  middle of it


it was Now 8:00 and i heard a knock at the door i looked out and it was Harry i told Sadie to open the door so she ran down stairs and there he was standing at the door smiling "come in she'll be down in a minute" Sadie said "Are you her sister" Harry asked Sadie laughed and said "no we're bestfriends" she said Natalie came running down the steps "Oh and That's Natalie" Sadie said "Hi Harry Konor is on her way down" Natalie said "Are you ok Harry" Sadie asked "just a little nervous" he said "don't be Konor is a very sweet girl i'm sure your gonna love her" Sadie said

Harry pov

When i saw Konor walk down the steps she looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress I wasn't the only one shaking she looked pretty nervous but i grabbed her hand and that seemed to cool her down a bit "you to have fun now"Sadie said "but not to much fun"Natalie said Konor laughed her laugh was the prettiest thing i have every heard. "bye guys"Konor said Bye!!" they both said

Konor pov

when we walked to the car Harry opened the car door for me and i said thank you and got inside. "so where are we going" i asked "it's a surprise" he said.we pulled up to a park and i was pretty confused "if you told me we were coming to the park i would've wore a different pair of shoes" i said "we are not going to the park" he said "oh " i said a little embarrassed we both got out the car and he put his hands over my eyes "oh gosh tell me there won't be a violinist here" i said "haha there's no violinist here" he uncovered my eyes and there it was a tree that had lights all around it with rose petals leading us to the table and the guys of one direction were the waiters "this looks amazing Harry you didn't have to do all this" i said "i wanted to make our first date special and something we both! could remember" he said i smiled and Niall and Zayn pulled the chairs out for us "you owe us Styles" Louis said while he was serving dinner i laughed and harry said "I promise".

Harry pov

The date was going perfect until it started raining Konor took off her heels and started running in the rain so ofcourse i chased after her she grabbed my hand and we started dancing in the rain we looked at each other made eye contact and then we kissed.

Konor pov

I can't believe we just kissed in the rain i have to check that off my bucket list " i think we should go before we get sick" Harry said "yeah" i agreed the boys were already gone so harry grabbed my hand and we started running to the car gotta check that off too "uh" harry said i didn't know he could hear i thought i said that in my head so when we drived to my house the car was gone so i'm guessing Sadie and Natalie were gone. he walked me to my door. "Do you want to come in until the rain you know calms done" "sure" he said.We walked in,he went to the couch i ran upstairs to get out these wet clothes. when i went downstairs i saw harry take of his shirt i dropped my case with movies in it on the floor and he turned around and helped me pick up the DVD's i could not stop staring at his tatoos but when he noticed i was  he waved his hand in my face "Konor" he said oh um yeah" i said "what movie are we going to watch" he asked "oh um you decide" so he decided we should watch Mama 'what about this he said" "sure i said i hope your not scared" i said he chuckled then I went to the kitchen to make popcorn. He put the movie in and turned off the light I got the covers. It was now 1am and i was to lazy to walk upstairs so i just layed down but i ended up laying down on harry i didn't get up because i was alreay asleep.

harry pov

I felt her lay down on my chest i didn't want to bother her so i just let her lay there Sadie and Natalie came in they saw Konor Laying down I said "shh" and they both laughed and went upstairs. I turned off the t.v and fell asleep with Konor on my chest "GoodNight Love" i said while kissing the top of her forehead.

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