Just Not Good Enough

Hey I'm Konor and I'm 18 I'm the type of person who loves to dance and sing and play around but i can be very serious at times I have 2 best friends Sadie and Natalie and I have a sister and a brother Katelynn is my sister she's 11 and my brother Kameron he's 24 I also have a boyfriend Mr.Harry Styles we first met when i went to a one direction concert it was the best day ever I'm so glad i met him without him i wouldn't be who i am today


7. The Accident

I couldn't believe it I didn't want to believe it Harry and Zayn were kissing.....These two random girls. Perrie started crying I told her she should go sit down and get a drink she said no and we both went over to Zayn and Harry.

I tapped Harry on the shoulder when he turned around his eyes went big "Konor it's not what you think " Harry said "oh really cuz it looked like you were kissing this slut right here" Konor said "babe she kissed me i didn't kiss her" Harry said "whatever Harry i really don't want to talk about this right now" you said.  You went back to the bar in tears "Nora what's wrong ?" Liam asked for some reason he calls me Nora because he said i look like a Nora. "your band mate is a complete asshole" you said "what did he do" Liam asked "he kissed a slut" "ohhh.....are you OK" he asked me "not really i just want to go home" you said "wait is that why Perrie is crying also'' Liam asked "but Zayn was having a make out sesh" you told him "how about i take you two home" Liam said "sure I'll go get Perrie" "perrie come on liams going to take us to my place" you told her. Liam followed you guys out the bar and dropped you guys off at your house. "Nora! are you sure you guys are going to be ok?' Liam asked "yeah we'll be fine" you told him.

So you guys got dressed in pj's and went to the store to go get like 10 packs of ice cream and rented a couple of movies. you guys got back into the car, backed out of the parking lot, on your way home you took your eyes off the rod for one minute and a truck came crashing into the car behind you, you guys were so scared because it came out of nowhere.

You guys got into the house and Eleanor was there "i heard what happened are you guys ok?" she came over a gave us hugs. "so what are you guys gonna do" Eleanor asked "well we got 10 jugs of ice cream and we rented The Breakfast Club" Perrie said "mind if i join" Eleanor asked "grab a jug" I told her.

So for the rest of the Night Konor,Perrie, and Eleanor ate ice cream and watched movies

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