Just Not Good Enough

Hey I'm Konor and I'm 18 I'm the type of person who loves to dance and sing and play around but i can be very serious at times I have 2 best friends Sadie and Natalie and I have a sister and a brother Katelynn is my sister she's 11 and my brother Kameron he's 24 I also have a boyfriend Mr.Harry Styles we first met when i went to a one direction concert it was the best day ever I'm so glad i met him without him i wouldn't be who i am today


6. Girls Night Out

"Morning love" harry said "Goodmorning" I said back "how was your sleep" he asked me "it was good" I told him. "so what are you doing today he asked me" my phone vibrated and it was a text from Eleanor "hey wanna hang out today with me and Perrie" the text said I looked up at Harry and told him "I guess i'm hanging out with El and Perrie" "oh" he said "we can hangout all day tomorrow I pomise it can be our special Harry and Konor day" I told him he smile and said ok and gave me a kiss on my nose.

I texted Eleanor back and told her I'll be ready in an hour she said "ok I'll see you later" so I took my shower washed my hair blow dried it brushed my teeth and I put on a white crop top with American flag shorts and red vans and I put my hair in a curly ponytail and put on lip gloss and eyeliner.

There was a knock at the door "Harry could you get that" I told him. Harry got up and went to answer the door it was Eleanor and Perrie standing there. "Hey Harry" they said "hi" and they came in "Konor!" Eleanor yelled "i'm coming" I yelled back. I came running down the steps "OoOo look at you representing America" Perrie said I laughed and said "yup" "ready to go" Eleanor asked "yup' I said I went over to the coach and saw a sad Harry pouting I gave him a long kiss and a hug. "don't let me go" he said I laughed and said "you'll have me all to yourself tomorrow" and then gave him another kiss and left.

First we went to the mall and bought a lot of things we got Manicures and Pedicures and then we went out for lunch. we all decided that we wanted to go out to the club so we went back to my flat.  when I opened it, it was dark "harry must've left" I said we all went upstairs to get  ready I put on this blue high-low dress and black heels. Eleanor put on a pencil skirt with a red shirt with a necklace that went around her neck and red heels. Perrie wore a Pink dress with Black heels and a couple of bracelets. we did our hair and make up I let my hair out and it was curly. Eleanor put her hair in a pony tail, and Perrie put her hair in a bun. We headed out to dinner first and then we went to the club.

When we got to the club it was pretty crowded there was people at every corner dancing on each others making out with each other and there were drunks every where. So we just went to the bar and order some drinks. We actually saw the guys there but not Harry or Zayn. "hey guys" Liam said and gave us all hugs Niall and Louis did the same and Louis Kissed Eleanor. "where's Zayn and Harry" I asked "the last time we saw them was on the dance floor" Niall said.

So me and Perrie went out to the dance floor and we couldn't believe what we saw.

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