Theirs Something about You

Alicia is 16 year old girl. she loves to read. She is the quiet girl that sits at the back of the room. She has an older brother name Justin. Justin has a best friend named Jake. Jake is a school player. What will happen when Alicia and Jake fall in love?? Will they make it?? Or will they break-up because their status on school??



Alicia's P.O.V.

I was walking to go say hi to my two other friends Lisa and Stacy. they are twins. they both have blond hair with bright blue eyes.they are so pretty. they look identical. but the only thing that separates them is Lisa has a purple bottom layer of hair and Stacy has pink. they are fun to be around. when i am low they make me happy.

once i found them, i took them to go get our schedule at the front office. once the lady  in the office (Mrs.Gonzales) gave our schedule we started to compare it to see who had who in what class. every one had home room first period together so that was good. i was walking to go to my locker. i put in my books that i did not need inside and closed the locker shut. i was turning around to go to home room when i bumped into him. i did not noticed that the locker right next to mine was the locker of the school player.he is the second popular guy in school. the first one is my brother. every girl has a crush on Jacob Williams but every one calls him Jake. i do to but i do not wanna get my feelings hurt. and i do not wanna just be another of his ''toys'' he uses for fun.''Hey watch....'' Jake stated to yell at me but then stoped when he found out who i was.''sorry i-i-i w-was not looking w-where i-i w-was g-going!'' i shutter. i suck at talking to hot guys in front of me. i meed to start controlling the way i talk.'' it is ok, did you just say i was hot??'' Jake questioned me. ohh sh*t did i just said that out loud?''u-u-uhhh. i do not know what you are taking about. see you later. got to go to class. see you around.'' i yell back with my face being bright red. i stared to run off my next class.


hey lovelies. how ya been??? plez comment and or love my story. it would make me happy and i will update move often. say 2 chapters a day. pez follow me on instergram @anarangel27                or you can friend me on facebook as ana rangel.

thankyou for reading my story

xoxo,  ana

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