Theirs Something about You

Alicia is 16 year old girl. she loves to read. She is the quiet girl that sits at the back of the room. She has an older brother name Justin. Justin has a best friend named Jake. Jake is a school player. What will happen when Alicia and Jake fall in love?? Will they make it?? Or will they break-up because their status on school??


5. barbie drama

Alicia's P.O.V.

i was at English. reading my book. Jake just sat next to me. he was just staring at me. i could not help but blush.All of sudden the class quiet down and the door slam shut. every once attention was based on the door. Brianna was at the door looking mad at me. she was the schools slut. she has been with every one at the school but except the 2 most popular guys at school. 1)Justin and 2) Jake. they hate her. she is just a brat that wants everything she sees. she was me siting next to Jake and she send me a death glare. she hates me because i am really close to Justin. she thinks i am going out with him. every one knows he is my brother. except her. she has a IQ of a pea. i started to get up cuz she would hit me again if i dount give her her seat.'' dount leave, she can find another seat to sit her fake ass and fake boobs some where else.'' Jake told me.''umm...ok... wow did you know she was right behind you. '' leave us alone you whore'' Jake splat at Brianna. wow i thing i started to like a whole lot more even if that is possible.'' i am not a whore i boys.'' the said with alligator tears in her eyes. and she tried to wispier the last part but every one  heard. she put a hand on her chest but when she did some toilet paper got out of her bra. every one started to laugh. she got mad then she did something that broke my heart. she kissed Jake on the lips. i got some tears in my eyes but i blinked away and looked the other direction. she saw this and smirked. ''What the f*ck Brianna, get your skank lips off me'' Jake yell.

she just smurked and said'' well did you know she is going out with Justin??? i thought you should know before you get your heart broken by a cheater.'' Brianna '' wow all that f*cking got your brain twisted. HE IS MY BROTHER!!!!!'' i yell at her. she just stood their looking shock as ever. every one started to laugh at her. the thing that Jake did shocked me the most......


CLIFF HANGER!!!!! feel evil today!! this chapter my cuzen helped me with it. so i am giving credit to her. i would try to update tomorrow if i can but maybe i will not because of babysitting

xoxo,    ana

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