Theirs Something about You

Alicia is 16 year old girl. she loves to read. She is the quiet girl that sits at the back of the room. She has an older brother name Justin. Justin has a best friend named Jake. Jake is a school player. What will happen when Alicia and Jake fall in love?? Will they make it?? Or will they break-up because their status on school??


9. all seacrets will come out.

Jake's P.O.V.

O.K. this is it i am going to tell the girl of my dreams how i felt about her. i am  EXTREAMLY nervous right now. my palms are sweaty. i am going to take Alicia to the place where i could bell my fellings to her. i just hope she fells the way i fell. for 4 years i have knew i already met my soul mate.  as cheasy as that sounds it is true. i know what you all are thinking a 7th grader already thinks he is in love. well yes. ever since i have met Justin all i could think about is his sister. every single day since the day i had meet her i been writing how i feel on a notebook. all the days i been trying to get her attention but it seams as i always fail. since then i always started to be a player. i stated to date girls. but i could never love any of the girls. i only had one girl in mind. that girl being Alicia. this year i had desited t stop fooling around and foucous on geting the girl of my dreams. i pulled in front of my house. all the car ride silence. '' come with me i have to show you something'' i told Alicia. ''o.k.'' was all she said. i grabed her soft hand in mine.i felt sparks rush up my arm. it felt like it belonged with mine. i felt like i never wanted to let go. i started walking. but Alicia did not moved. i looked at her beautiful face. she was looking at our dands together i can tell she felt that to because i can see her whole face turn red. she say i was looking at her and she turned move red she started to giggle. ''dam i love her giggles'' i was thinking. i see Alicia stared to laugh. ''thank you?? i guess..'' Alicia said more as a question.omg did i just said that  out loud??? now it was my turn to turned red. i never blushed!!!!! but i am blushing now. uhh i sound like a school girl. '' come on'' i told her leating her to my back yard.


i know this was not much but i had updated 2 chapters in one day. i really felt like i should wright a chapter on Jake's P.O.V. for once. tell me how it is. sorry for any spelling errors.

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