Theirs Something about You

Alicia is 16 year old girl. she loves to read. She is the quiet girl that sits at the back of the room. She has an older brother name Justin. Justin has a best friend named Jake. Jake is a school player. What will happen when Alicia and Jake fall in love?? Will they make it?? Or will they break-up because their status on school??


1. the gift.

Alicia's P.O.V

''Honey wake up! time to go to school'' my mother woke me up by yelling at me.oh well it is time to get up and go back to school. today is the first day of school. 2 more school rears to finish and high school will finish for me. I just can not wait till i start living my life as an adult. i always dreamed on becoming a teacher. i always love kids. i am a ''A+'' student. yes i am a bit nerdy but oh well. i love to learn something new. i go to West Orange High School.(A/N that is a real school in Florida. that is going to be my high school!) i woke up went strait to take a shower. i washed my hair with my green apples shampoo. i also washed my body with my vanilla body gel. once i got out i warped my self in a fluffy pink towel. i started to blow dry my hair and then i straiten it. i love my hair. my friends say i got magical hands that can make my hair really beautiful. that is one thing i love about my self is that my hair can get styled any way but it is still is beautiful. (A/N that is actually true about my hair.) after i had finished with my hair. i did my make up. i am one of those girls that only puts mascara and a bit of lip gloss. that is practically it. i was done with my make up. i then went back to my room to change into something to where to school. i choose to where my black skinny jeans with a blouse that is patterned with blue and green flowers. then i grabbed a pair of flats and headed to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. '' good morning sweets ready for school?'' my dad greeted me this morning.'' good morning dad. yea i am ready''i say back ''that is good to know, after you are done with your breakfast me and your mother have something to give to you.''my dad said.''ok'' was all i answered. i ate bacon! with scramble eggs. with some orange juice.right after i finished with my breakfast my parents just got up from the table and headed out side.i did not put to much  taught to it because they have work to go to in the morning.  i got a text message from my brother saying '' hey, when u r done dad said 2 go out side.'' once i was out side my mouth hanged open. i could not believe what they got me! it is my dream car. the car i always wanted ever since i was little. a convertible 2013 black car. '' OMG! IS THAT FOR ME!!'' i asked still in shocked. ''yea. it is an early birthday present because on the day of your birthday my and your mom will be on a business trip. yea my parents go on business trips twice a year. but i am ok with it. a job is a job. ''OH MY GOD!!!!!! I LOVE YALL!!! wait my birthday is not till September 30. it is only August long is the business trip? ''i asked really confused.''well this trip is going to end October 10th.'' my mom said with a sad expression on her face.''it is ok mom i am not mad'' i said to them reassuring them that i was ok with it.'' ok lets get a move on going people.'' my brother always tries to make people happy again.



hey peps! done with the first chapter. yeay! plez coment to tell me how i did with the story. it will make my day.

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