The Paparazzi

Payton Styles, Yes harry's styles' younger sister. Her and harry were so close, but then Payton moves out because she hates her step dad. she moved out when she was 14. she is now 18. she doesn't think Harry remember's her, but she remembers him, harry is now famous, and Payton is stuck on her last year of high school. she still lives on her own. she is the paparazzi, yes she takes pictures of famous celebs and sells them for money, what happends when she has to get photos of one direction? will she try and see if harry remembers her? what is he does? what if he doesn't?


3. Weekend

It was Saturday. I woke up to the sun streaming through the windows. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom and did my business. 

I poured myself a bowl of milk and sat down enjoying it.

My phone started to vibrate and I got a text from Tianna. 

From: Tianna

The boys are at the hotel 3 blocks from you. Get there ASAP.


I'll be there in 5.

I quickly put my bowl in the sink. I grabbed my camera and phone and rushed to put on my shoes.

I walked outside and saw Fari outside. I smiled knowing I wouldn't have to run 3 blocks.

I quickly ran to the car and jump in. "Step on it Fari." I said and fastened my selt belt. 

"Right away Ms. Styles." We sped to the hotel and luckily we didn't get a ticket.

Once we got there I quickly got out and to my surprise there wasn't a paparazzi in sight.

Where is everyone? I though to myself. Then I saw a flash in a nearby bush. A big secruity gruad walked out and went up to me.

"You must be the photographer. Well you are running very late." He said as he dragged me into the hotel.

"Wait! What.. I'm not-" 

"Hurry up the boys have been waiting." He said as he ushered me into the elevator.

We waited inside the elevator until it opened.

"Sir, you got this all wrong I'm not a photographer! I'm a paparazzi!" I debated as he opened a door to a room and pushed me in.

"Keep dreaming."

"But I AM a paparazzi look-" I said as I was about to show him my I.D. but stopped when I saw the familiar faces.

"Took you long enough." Louis said.



Chapter written by: Jackie1d4eva

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