The Paparazzi

Payton Styles, Yes harry's styles' younger sister. Her and harry were so close, but then Payton moves out because she hates her step dad. she moved out when she was 14. she is now 18. she doesn't think Harry remember's her, but she remembers him, harry is now famous, and Payton is stuck on her last year of high school. she still lives on her own. she is the paparazzi, yes she takes pictures of famous celebs and sells them for money, what happends when she has to get photos of one direction? will she try and see if harry remembers her? what is he does? what if he doesn't?


5. Truth Or Dare.

Harry's POV.

i was so excited today Payton can come with us, we have a tour coming up, and i hope Simon will let her come on tour with us. but let's not worry about that now, we have 2 weeks before the tour even happends. we all woke up and started packing our stuff. we got into the van. we drove to the airport. then we flew to Hollywood. then we drove to our house. Payton can stay in the spare room. we walked inside. it's just like how we left it, only cleaner, because of the maid Lila.

"wow this place is huge!" Payton said.

"yup it is." i said.

"were's my room?" she asked.

"well you can stay in the spare room which is right beside my room, so if you need anything just ask." i said.

"okay." she said.


Payton's POV

this place was huge, about 7000000 times bigger than my appartment. i put my stuff in my room. it was huge too. it had a walk in closet and it's own bathroom.

"wow." i said.

"i see you like it." liam said.

"Liam you scared me." i said as i jumped and turned around.

"sorry." he said.

i hug 5 peices of my artwork on the wall.

"you really are good at painting you know." Liam said.

"thanks." i said.

"PIZZAS HERE." i heard Niall call.

Liam and I walked down to the kitchen. we all grabbed some pizza.

"well we have a consert tomorrow morning, then we have to go to vocal coaching at 7. you can come if you want Payton." Harry said.

"okay." i agreed.

after we were finished we put our dishes in the sink and sat back on the couch.

"Let's play truth or dare!" louis said.

"no louis we always play that." niall said.

"and someone always ends up hurting themselfs." zayn said.

"or someone's feelings get hurt." liam added.

"i'm okay with playing, i haven't played since me and Harry were little." i said.

"okay then we will play." Harry said.

"i'll go first. " Louis said.

"no Louis you always go first." Niall said.

"fine." he said.

"payton would you like to go first?" liam asked.

"no i'm good." i said.

"no come on!" Zayn said.

"okay fine. louis truth or dare?" i asked.

"DARE!" he said.

"i dare you to.... throw out a bag of carrots." i said.

"NOT THE CARROTS!" louis screamed.

"Payton, how dare you be so cruel!" Harry Joked.

"i'll use a chicken!" louis screamed.

"wow, Louis have never used a chicken before." Zayn said.

"speaking of Chicken is anyone else hungry?" niall asked.

"niall you just ate pizza!" i siad.

"yes and..?" niall said.

i laughed.

"MY TURN!" louis said.

"Liam truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"truth." liam said.

"is i true, that you and Danni broke up?" he asked.

"yes." liam said looking at me.

"okay." louis said.

"what time is it?" i asked.

"11pm." Harry said.

"i-i think i'm going to sleep. night guys." i said as i went to my room. i lied down on my bed.

Why did Liam look at me when he said that? am i thinking to much into it? Why did i react?

okay i'm just going to sleep. sleep will get my mind off things. right?


*Chapter By: 1DKissYou*

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