The Paparazzi

Payton Styles, Yes harry's styles' younger sister. Her and harry were so close, but then Payton moves out because she hates her step dad. she moved out when she was 14. she is now 18. she doesn't think Harry remember's her, but she remembers him, harry is now famous, and Payton is stuck on her last year of high school. she still lives on her own. she is the paparazzi, yes she takes pictures of famous celebs and sells them for money, what happends when she has to get photos of one direction? will she try and see if harry remembers her? what is he does? what if he doesn't?


1. About Payton.

I'm Payton Styles. Yes i'm Harry Style's younger sister. i'm 18. i live on my own, see when mine and harry's mom re married the step father HATED me. so i moved out. i was ony 14. i don't think Harry remember me, but i still talk with mum. i have brown curly hair like harry, dimples, and blue eyes. I'm now the paparazzi, not a photographer, but the paparazzi. i take photos of celebs and sell them. well i give them to my boss and she gives me $200 a photo. i work everyday after school and i'm off weekends. i don't mind my job, but my dream has always been to be an artist. i'm really good according to my friends. sometimes i wish i was with harry, me and him, were as close as we could be. well, thats mostly it. i don't have much of a storey to tell. well bye!

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