the clowns smile

people have stared to dissapear, nobody knows whats happening. Then one day Lia sees it.


1. a surprise visitor

She walked down the road, it was dark, and in the distance shouts could be heard. The girl shivered and pulled the straps of her bag back on her shoulder; she looked around. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness but still she didn’t feel safe; not after what had happened. She pictured her small warm house, she would be home soon. The walk was agonisingly slow; the only sound was her boots hitting the ground, as she walked down the everlasting road. She didn’t know why, but a few seconds later she stopped. Two men were walking down the road, she froze, what could she do? She did not know who to trust any more, after what had happened. She looked around, on the other side of the road, there were some bushes; would she have time? She walked quickly and as quietly as she could, crossed the road and crouched down behind the bush. She was wearing dark clothes; the only thing that could give her away, was if her hair was noticed. She had blond hair, bright pink at the bottom and straight. She watched the men, one of them was stumbling and shouting abuse; the other was trying to calm him down. “Look mate, he had a right to chuck you out. You were being very aggressive... stop shouting shhhh”. The man was mumbling and swearing. The drunken man was greying, he was quite large and his shirt was un-tucked. The other man was younger, and was supporting the drunk mans arms. “Ge’ off me”, the man let go. “Fine, you can go home on your own”, he turned to go mumbling under his breath, when suddenly the temperature dropped. The girl pulled her jacket over her more tightly, what had just happened? The man had noticed it to; he stopped in his tracks and looked around. Silence filled the air, the girl’s heart pounded against her chest; she reached into the depths of her bag. Something was about to happen, something bad, just like the other time; this time she would get it all on camera. She pulled out her phone, it had a crack down the front; she unlocked it and turned the camera on. She watched for a few seconds nothing happened, the drunken man stirred and began to walk, his hand on the wall for balance. A large harsh cackle filled the air, and the phone made a beeping noise and went black. She hit the phone in frustration, and tried to turn it back on, it wouldn’t. The man let out a deep scream, it filled her heart with dread; it had begun. There was no point of staying there; surely it would come for her, when it had finished with the men. She didn’t want to see what would happen, she crept behind the bush, when she got to the end she made a run for it.

She ran faster than ever had done before, she ran down the road and turned; she had made it into her neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was inviting, and she slowed down; she tried to catch her breath. The streetlamps were brighter, and a blue car roared past. She was an idiot to think, she could go looking for it alone, what ever it was. She walked up her driveway and got out her key, her mother wouldn’t be home; she was a night nurse. She opened the door and entered, she switched on the hall way light. The light filled the room; she walked into the living room and flung herself on the sofa. She closed her eyes, she was about to fall asleep when she heard a creek upstairs. Her eyes opened instantly, she got up silently and crept to the hallway. She opened a cupboard under the stairs, and grabbed the first thing to hand, luckily it as a rounder’s bat. It was her brothers, when he moved out she kept it; she kept most of his stuff he didn’t want. She closed the door and moved silently to the stairs; one at a time she climbed.

When she reached the top she paused, she listened. Another creek came from behind her, she turned and looked behind. They both shouted at the same time, both screaming, they stopped. “Jake you idiot, what are you doing here?” She lowered the bat; he just stared blankly at her. He had a hairdryer in his hand, “what did you expect to do with that... blow me into oblivion”. A smile broke out on his face, “it’s good to see you squirt”. She gave him a look, he put his hands up “Sorry Lia”, she smiled to and ran around the stairs; she hugged him. They broke apart, he looked guilty; she put her hands on her hips. “God your like mum”, he turned and went down the stairs towards the kitchen. He turned on all the lights as he went, and opened the fridge. She followed him in and sat on the counter, “what are you doing here Jake”, he turned. She took in his appearance, his normally neat brown hair was long and slightly greasy; he had a small beard and his clothes were ripped and dirty. “Got fired didn’t I”, he said casually, as he drank milk from the carton. He went into the treat cupboard and pulled out a packet of crisps, he ripped the packet of cheese and onion open, and began to scoff them down greedily. He was looking very skinny, but other than that he looked the same. When he was at school and college, all the girls liked him, almost worshipped him; Lia looked at him, she still didn’t understand why. He threw the empty packet on the counter and went back to the fridge, “had to sell the car... and eventually the house”. He rummaged around and started pulling things out; he shut the fridge door and started to make what looked like a sandwich. “What time does mum come back”, he threw her some chips he had just grabbed put of the freezer. “Put these in the oven will you”                                                                                                                                                                      “I’m not your slave”, but she put some chips in a tray and turned the oven on. With seeing all this food Lia realised just how hungry she was, she walked over to join Jake and got some ice cream from the freezer. She sat down, and began eating the ice cream; she scrunched her eyes and put her hands to her head, “brain freeze”. Jake laughed and said through mouthfuls of food “where have you been its late”                                                                                                                                                                                                  “hey you don’t get to ask questions like that, you left ages ago”, he looked offended. “Sorry I just...” he broke off; he didn’t know what to say.

After a while she took the chips out of the oven, while Jake phoned for pizza. He hadn’t eaten in a long time, so Lia didn’t argue. “I’m going to bed Jake see you in the morning”                                                                                                        “Goodnight Lia and I’ve missed you”, she smiled. She was in the doorway when she turned back, “I missed you too... oh and please get a haircut”. Lia could hear him laughing as she walked up the stairs. She turned left, when she got to her room she instantly fell on the bed, she slept straight away.

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