Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


29. Waking Up

Waking Up


"She's in intensive care. She has multiples head wounds, her left lung has collapsed and many bones are broken. She's in coma and if she comes out any time soon, we'll have to keep her in an induced coma. We've done everything we can. I'm sorry but she might not make it through. She seems strong at the moment, though, so her chances are sixty-forty in her favour." The doctors said, looking down, avoiding my horrified and shocked expression.

This can't happen to her! She's a good and innocent person! She doesn't deserve this to happen to her! Louis placed a hand on my shoulder. 

"J-Just go Louis! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I screamed. The last thing that I need right now, is......him! Louis didn't say anything. He just looked down at the floor and walked away! Not that he cared that Claire was in hospital!

I felt so sorry for Niall. I can't imagine what he's going through. Soon, he left to go somewhere. It was just me and Harry now. The doctor came back out again. 

"Where is everybody?" he asked.

"Somewhere....." I mumbled.

"Oh, well. You can go inside now!" He said.

I rushed inside, nearly tripping over my own feet. nearly....I mean I DID trip over my feet.  Luckily Harry caught me. 

"Thanks" I said quietly.

I rushed over to Claire's bed. She had some many cuts and dried up blood on her face. WHy couldn't this have happened to me?

"Claire.......I know you're listening.......please, please wake up. Please, for the sake of your best friend and your boyfriend, who loves you so much. You may not see it but he loves you more than anything. Please wake up." I said. 

I started to shed a few tears again. I carried on talking for hours and hours. I decided to stay with Claire in the hospital. Harry and the rest of the guys went back home. I slept in my chair, which to be honest, was not the most comfortablest thing ever but I really didn't care about that right now. 

I drifted off to sleep at around 9. I woke up at 7. I heard some movement. I slowly opened my eyes. I looked at Clare and remembered the events  of last night. So much happened then. Me and Louis fighting. Him finding about who I was. And Claire going to hospital. I looked at Claire. 

Jus then, I saw some twitch in her face. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Claire? CLAIRE!?" I said, hugging her. 

"Um.......who are you?" she said, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

I faked laughed. "Hahaha! Very funny! You know who I am!" I said laughing.

She looked utterly confused right now. "Sorry, I really don;t know you" she said.

"What?" I said, in shock. Just then the doctor came in. 

"She's awake!" he shouted to the nurses. 

"Please step out of the room for a minute miss. We need to do some tests on her" He said, pushing me out. 

What did she mean that she didn't know me? She must be joking! But she looked serious though. I decided to call Niall. I told him about Claire waking up. He said that was coming there right away.

By the time I hung up, the doctor came out.

"I'm sorry, but it seems that she woke up too quickly and suddenly. This has resulted in............




I love leaving you guys on mini cliff hangers ;)




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