Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


24. The Fights

 Claire's P.O.V

 Those who say it's just a horse... They'll never understand...

 "What?" he asks calmly.

 I explain about the job and Amelia offering me so much money.

 "Is Jessica doing it too?"

 "I don't know," I lie.

 "But why are you doing it?" His eyes are flashing angrily.

 "I need the money for Silver.."

 "He's just a horse." I stand up, shaking my head. He did not just say that. He stands up also. I feel my whole body tense up. I didn't want to do it but when you love your horse as much as I do, you'd do anything for them.

 "I'm a person, Claire. I have feelings. He's just a horse, he doesn't."

 "Explain that to Blackberry. Oh, wait. You can't because he's dead. He stopped eating when Mam died because he missed her so much. And when she died, Silver was the only living thing I could turn to. People told me to get over it. I couldn't deal with that. I was only sixteen when my only parent left died. And who was there for me? Silver. So go fuck yourself with your 'he's just a horse'!"

 I try to storm out of the room but having a cast on my leg ruins my dramatic departure.

 I pretend everything's normal and don't tell Jessica what I've done. I can't.

 "Claire!?" Louis jumps as I walk into his room. He's been crying.

 "I need to get something of Jessica's."

 "Did you and Niall have a fight? I heard shouting."

 I set the box on the bed and confess. He looks shocked.

 "I didn't want to do it!" I sob. "But I love Silver so much. He was going for meat. I raised him from a foal; he's like my baby. I like Niall too, though."

 Louis' P.O.V

 I feel so bad for Niall, he's one of my best friends, but I can also see Claire's side. She tells me about how she began to run out of money and couldn't resist the job, then her reluctance to take it.

 I look into her eyes; they're dark with anger and sadness but also honesty. I pull her into a hug. The poor girl, she's only seventeen.

 The door opens and we both jump slightly. Niall stares. Claire's head is on my chest and I'm holding her in a hug.

 "I'm guessing she didn't tell you about what she did, then?" Niall glares at her.

 "I did."

 "How come you lied to me and not Louis, then!?"

 "I never once lied to you, I just never told you the whole truth." She gets up and walks out.

 "The fucking bitch," Niall grumbles, sitting on the bed.

 "How can you not see!?" I say.

 "Not see what?"

 "How much she loves her horse. I've never even seen her with him but just by the way she talks about him. How do you not see that? You're the sensitive on out of all of us."


 "Still, what? If your only family was about to be taken from you, are you telling me you wouldn't have taken the job?" He hesitates. The front door closes.

 "What's in the box?" He asks. I shrug, opening it. There's one of me painting a locker. Loads of me. The blood drains from my face; she's that Jessica.

 Claire's P.O.V

 The crutches don't enable me to move fast and by the time I get to Silver's stable I'm exhausted. I go into the field, trying to stay upright as the crutches sink into the mud.

 I go to Silver's stall and he sticks his head out, nickering at me.

 "Hey, boy," I coo. "At least someone's glad to see me. Oh, Silver, what did I do!?" I fumble with the bolt and swing the door open. Not bothering to close it, I drop the crutches and fling my arms around Silver's neck.

 I put the bucket of hard feed on the floor after closing the door and curl up in the far corner. It's raining now and the steady rhythm of the rain calms me down and my eyelids get heavy.

 I wake with a jolt. Silver's pacing the stall and occasionally nudging me. He continues to pace, his eyes rolling. I wonder what wrong with him until I hear the roof creak. I scramble up, falling as I try to get to the door. I manage to open it and send Silver outside to the rain.

 I catch the crutch on something and try to free myself but before I can, the creaking gets louder. I scream in pain. Next thing I know, the roof's getting closer at a rapid pace.


 Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I was doing water sports yesterday. Then, today, I was at the stables all day.. Anyway, hope you like the story. Oh, and don't forget to fan the all amazing Tiger99. ;)

 ~ <3 Nialler'sSweetheart <3 ~

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