Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


6. Silver


^^^^^Fade Like The Mist^^^^^

Claire's P.O.V

 I tighten Silver's girth one more hole before putting my foot in the stirrup and bouncing into the saddle. I pat his grey neck and squeeze with my legs. He walks forward, nodding his head. I turn him onto the road. That's the only place where I can ride him now.

 Last month, I had to sell the field where I rode him just to be able to afford his feed. He now had a small field that was 20mx40m. And he had a stable. That was all I could afford. I sold his show tack and my trailer. I don't even have a car. I ride and walk everywhere. I live in an apartement with my friend and pay her a fiver a month and look after her horse for rent.

 I put more pressure with my right leg and turn him left, down a quiet country road. The grass verges are a few metres wide so I canter whenever I can. I'm still deciding wether to take the job or not. I don't want to do it. It sounds horrible; going out with them just to get money. I tighten the strap on my helmet again. It doesn't fit right, but I can't afford a new one.

 "What'll I do, Silver?" I ask. He swivells his right ear back to listen and keeps trotting. We come to a cross roads and he turn right. I frown in confusion, but let him keep going. After a while we come to a graveyard. "Oh, Mist, how did you know?" I sob.

 I jump to the ground and tie him up using a headcollar that I managed to keep. He began to graze on the fresh Summer grass. I pull some Daffodils and Irises out of te ground and walk in. I walk to the back where the newer graves are. When I reach my mother's one, a sob escapes my lips. I drop to my knees and put the flowers down.

 "Mammy, I don't know what to do..." My voice trails off.

 After sitting tere for a while, I go back to Silver. He whinnies quietly and snuffles my face. I decide there and then. I'm going in on Monday and starting the job. I don't care if I hurt them. I'm not loosing Silver.



 "Claire?" My friend Katie's mother came in. "Claire. There's someone on the phone." There were tears rolling down her face as she said this.

 I ran downstairs and picked up the phone. "Hello?" I was still trying to catch my breath.

 "Hello, Claire? It's Linda. Ann-Maire, your mam, she's been stabbed in a shop robbery. She's dying." I could hear the tears in her voice. I dropped the phone onto the table and took a few steps back. I shook my head trying desperately to believe that I hadn't heard her right. But no, I had heard my aunt perfectly.

 *End of flashback*

 I ride Silver to the address Jessica gave me. I want to tell her the good news. Well, it's good for her. Not so much for me. Plus, she gets to meet Silver.

 I knock on the door and she answers, still in her pyjamas.


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