Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


10. Signing

Claire's P.O.V

I can't get back to sleep so I go down to Silver. His stable's warm and he's lying down in his sawdust bedding. I kneel down beside him and stroke his face. He lifts his head and I sit down, letting him place his head on my lap. I gently pull at his ears as we sit in the stable. He's shivering slightly because he's a light horse and needs to be kept warm. I'm glad I brought my duvet from where I'm living.

 I ask him to stand up and trow the duvet over his back. I grab the scissors and begin to cut. The home ec. classes came in useful as I stitch buckles onto it.

 I take a step back and smile. It does look like a rug. I turn off the heater and feel a nose press into my back. I rub Silver's velvety nose and take his rug off for the day. I mix him a small amount of hard feed with honey and bananas. I leave his stable door open so he can wander out and graze. I take his saddle from the tack room and walk back towards Jessica's house, stopping at my apartment to get my stuff.

 I'm just beginning to make pancakes when Jessica comes in. She's wearing black jeans and a pink t-shirt. I'm wearing my old jodhpurs and riding boots. They're the only clothes I have left. Well, I have another pair of jodhpurs, but they're even worse.

 "Are they riding trousers?" Jessica asked sceptically when we're washing the breakfast dishes.

 "Erm... Yeah. I don't have jeans or anything..." The heat rose in my cheeks as I told her this.

 "Why not?"

 "I can't afford them.."

 "Why didn't you get them when we went shopping!?"

 "I don't want to waste your money."

 "Then at least borrow some of my clothes!" 

 "Are you sure?"

 "Naaw, I just said it to wind you up." She said sarcastically but she was smiling. I smiled back.

 "Thanks. I'll change now." My outfit looks like this; I'm wearing Jessica's jeans but the rest are mine. Mam got them for me last Christmas and I haven't worn any of them except the necklace.

 We're walking across the road. There's a red light or cars. But still, a black jaguar keeps going. I cry out as it hits me. I hold my ankle and whimper slightly. The driver gets out and starts cursing at me. Jessica shouts back and I'm glad to have a friend like her. I get up, screwing my eyes closed in pain.

 "Let's just go," I said, taking her arm. "We're going to be late and we'll miss it." She sticks up her middle finger at the man and we walk away. As soon as we turn around both of us start to giggle. Mine stops abruptly when I take a step. I hiss in pain. Jessica gives me a questioning look but I keep going until we get to HMV.

 We go in and Jessica pushes until we're halfway through the crowd. The boys are already up there and my heart begins to race. What if her plan doesn't work?

 "Shit," Jessica mutters.

 "What? What's wrong!?" I ask, getting worried.

 "Nothing. I just.. Erm... I kinda forgot the plan..." I slap my hand to my face and shake my head.

 "You're lucky you're with me then," I laugh. We suddenly get shoved forward and now we're near the front. It doesn't take long for us to reach the boys and as we stand in front of them I suddenly cry out. They all look up. I press down on my right foot and pain shoots through, causing tears to spring to my eyes.

 I whimper a few times and Niall calls Paul over. He says something to him and Paul pushes his way through the screaming fans. A tear rolls down my cheek as he reaches me.

 "You alright?" He asks. I've always like One Direction, but I've never called myself a Directioner. I never stalked them online or anything like that. I only realise now that Paul, like me, is Irish.

 "M-my ankle. It hurts so much." He nods briefly before putting his arms under me and lifting me of the ground. He carries me bridal style. I grab Jessica's hand and pull her along behind me.

 Paul puts me on a couch behind where the boys are sitting. "Now, the lads will be in in a few minutes, I have to go back outside. Don't move uni until we come back." He walks out again.

 Jessica sits beside me. "Is your ankle really sore?" She asked.

 "Yeah, it's killing me," I laugh.

 Fifteen minutes later, the boys walk in. I'm sweating a little bit from the pain and Jessica said I've gone pale. That's good.

 "Oh, my god, are you okay? What happened?" Niall asks rushing over.

 "I dunno. Everything's tine, next thing I know, my ankle is really sore."

 "You're from Ireland?" He's grinning now. I nod and move slightly. My eyes widen in pain as my ankle jolts. "Here, Paul, get a doctor." He unties he lace on my shoe. "These are nice, by the way." He's smiling again. "And I like your top." He slides the shoe off and I bite my lip to stop the cry. He pulls Jessica's sock off my foot and pushes the jeans up.

 "Oh, shit," Liam mutters, looking at my ankle.

 "What's wrong with it?" I ask, sitting up to see. It's swollen and bruised, I can see that much.

 "Sit down," Niall orders, putting his and on my chest and pushing me down. Jessica's staring at Louis as he looks at my ankle. It's weird, having five hot guys looking at my leg.

 "I'm Harry."

 "Claire." I shake his hand as he pushes his curls out of his eyes.


 Somebody touches my ankle and I cry out. "Sorry," Zayn mumbles, stepping back. Niall glares at him for a moment before looking back at my foot.

 "Guys, this is getting awkward. You're all staring at my foot..." All five of them smile. Niall and Liam stand up. Now I'm the only one not standing and I feel out of place.

 "So, what's you name?" Niall asks, smiling again.

 "Claire. This is Jessica." Louis tilts his head for a second.

 "Well, Claire and Jessica, we need to bring you, Claire to the hospital. Then we can go out to Nando's as an apology or it happening at out signing."


 Sorry it's so long and predictable. :)

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