Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


34. I love you

I love you


I looked at the time- 7:20. It's really late. I should get going on now. I said bye to Silver and went back to my car. I went inside and leant my head back. God! I'm so messed up. How could I do this to Jessica? 

Just then I got a phone call. I didn't bother to look at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I said blandly.

"Hello, is this Mr. Horan?" a voice said.

"Yes?" I said, sitting up.

"We have called you and all of your other bandmates to inform you that Mr. Tomlinson has met with an accident. He crashed into a truck. Right now, he's in the hospital. I'm sorry for your misfortune." A voice said clamy with no emotion.

"WHAT?!" I shouted into the phone before disconnecting the call. I stumbled with the car keys and started the engine and sped off to the hospital. Does Jessica know about this?


As I was about to start the engine, I got a phone call. I was really tempted to ignore it. I looked at the caller ID. It said Unknown. Weird? I picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked suspiciously. 

"Hello, is this Jessica" a voice, that I didn't recognise, said.

"Yes......" I said.

"We are calling to inform you that Mr. Louis Tomlinson had been admitted to hospital. He was driving and crashed into a truck. You are the first one that we called because he was asking for you." He said.

"W-What? He-He's in ah-hopsital?" I stuttered back.

"We're sorry for your lo-" 

I disconnected it before he could finish it. He didn't sound sorry! I quickly drove off to the hospital that Louis was in. I ran to the desk and asked for his room number. 214.

I went into the elevator. I felt tears dripping down. This was all my fault.

Once the doors pinged open, I pushed the other people out of the way, earning nasty looks, but I didn't care. I ran outside Louis' room. I was the only one here for now. Just then the doctor came out.

"Oh, you're here." He said.

What do you expect?

"Yeah, I am" I said quietly.

"He's unconscious right now.You can go and see him though." 

By now, I already rushed inside and sat down in the chair next to him. He had do many scratches and plasters on his face. I took Louis' hand in mine."I'm so sorry, Lou" I said, crying.


The last thing I saw was a pair of trucks' lights blaring at my face.

Am I dead? No, probably not. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. It felt so......heavy, I guess? Just then, I heard a voice. Jessica. She's here. I can't put it in words how happy `i am. She left Harry's house to actually come and see me in hospital.

I felt her take my hand in hers. Even though I was unconscious, I felt a spark of electricity, rush through my body. "I'm so sorry, Lou," she began, crying. I really wanted to tell her it's okay and console her but I couldn't. I feel so useless right now.

"I was going to come to your house, Louis. I swear. It's just that I over slept. I was dreaming about me and you, Louis. I love you. I can see that you've changed ever since school days. It's me. I should really let go of the past. It's not fair for me to be holding that against you. I have always loved you Louis, even before you used to bully me. When you were bullying me, I just decided to let it go because I thought that you weren't interested in me. Ever since I met you recently, I fell in love with all over again. I guess I have always loved you, it's just that I didn't realise it. I love you so much Louis" she said.

Sh-She loves me? I could hear my heart monitor beeping like crazy next to me. I guess, Jessica heard that as well because she laughed. "I'm not even sure if you can hear me, Louis. I mean, I have heard that the unconscious can hear when other people talk to them but I'm not sure if that's true. I hope you still love me, Lou"

I need to open my eyes. I have been waiting, for what seems like forever for this moment and I don't want to ruin it by me just lying on the bed like a statue. Just then, I felt a pair of lips against mine. I've always imagined kissing Jessica. I want to kiss back, but I can't. Her soft lips matched up with mine perfectly. It was like it was meant to be. Once she pulled away, I heard her begin to walk away. Don't go. I had enough energy to open my eyes. I opened them slowly. Everything was blurry for a second, but then I caught my vision back.

I grabbed Jessica's hand from behind. She turned around and looked at me with her mouth dropped open. "Louis?!" she screamed excitedly. she ran over to me and hugged me. She was crushing my arm, but I didn't care. I'm happy that she is with me.

"Louis did you hear what I was saying before or......" she began.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. I tried harder and it worked. 

"yes. I did. I love you Jessica!" I said. I pulled her in for a kiss. It was perfect. This was the best feeling in the world. The way that she had her fingers tangled up in my hair and the way I was holding her waist was just perfect.

Just then, the rest of the boys came into the room.......


I cried while writing this! I'm so happy that they got together.


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