Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


25. Confused



After Claire went away from my room, I realised that she had forgotten to take Jessica's box with her. I picked it up in my hands. I opened it. Inside, there were pictures of me.......and Jessica? One of them was her locker, that was covered in green pain. I looked through some of the others when it all came rushing back to me. She........She was the same Jessica that I used to bully back in school? Damn! 

I sat slowly on my bed and rest my head against the headboard. I've really fucked up. I guess I look like the bad guy in this right? Well, truth is, she deserved it. I shouldn't regret it. I mean, she did break my heart back in school. It all started when I was 13 and she was 12...... 


i've just recently joined the school and so far, it's been good. One person caught my eye though,  Jessica. She doesn't realise it but loads of boys had a huge crush on her. Including me. Ever since I first saw her. I would always get shy in front of her and my friends noticed my change in behaviour when she was around. They kinda teased me for it but I didn't care. I needed to tell her how I felt. I was going to tell her that same day. 

I told her to meet me up after school just outside the lockers. When she said yes, I was thinking all day how I would tell her. After school, as I was making my way to the lockers and I saw her there, as promised. But she was kissing, Jake, my ex-best mate. I just froze. I didn't know what to do. She didn't even notice me. I forced myself to run out of school. I couldn't bare to look at them.


I still feel the pain, even to this day. She didn't, and still doesn't know, how much she hurts me. Ever since then, I bullied her. I wanted to show her how much she hurt me. But after all the times I hurt her and bullied her, it all never matched up to much she hurt me when I saw her kissing Jake. 

If only she didn't do that........things would be so different...


After Claire left me, I ran up to Louis' bedroom. I opened the door and saw him sitting on the floor, with tears running down his cheeks. Next to him, was my box. It was open and all the pictures where scattered around of him. I should have been angry that he went through all my stuff. But that was that the back of my mind. 

"Louis?" I said. 

Louis' head shot up. His eyes were red and puffy. 

"You? Why didn't you tell me?" He spat.

"Tell you what........." I asked, pretending that I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Don't act innocent! You know what I'm talking about! Why didn't you tell me?" He repeated. He was now getting pissed off now.....

"Okay! Fine! You're right I didn't tell you! So what? I didn't need to tell you! what would you have done if you found out? Bully me more?" I shouted back at him.

Louis just gave me a disgusted look. "You deserved it!" he mumbled under his breath.

Unfortunately, for him, I heard every word. "I deserved it? What did I ever do to deserve it?" I said, my voice quieter now. I was on the verge of crying.


"What did I ever do to deserve it?" Jessica asked, I could tell that she was on the verge of crying. Not that I cared.

"You-you broke my heart?" I said, in a quieter voice but still in a spiteful one.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"Why should I tell you? Just-Just leave!" I snapped back. The last thing I wanted her to know was what she had done to me. 

"Gladly!" she said, turning on her heel. She picked up her phone and stuff and went out of the door. It was then followed by a slam. She took her box away as well. 

She's probably running to Harry's house and crying in his arms. Just that thought, made my my fists curl up into balls. 

This girl is so confusing. She's got me all messed up. She broke my heart. She hates me. But yet, as much as I try to hate her back, I still love her.  I know I shouldn't but I just do.


But as they say:

You can't help who you fall in love with.



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