This is a death story (abit). There is this girl who's getting bullied at school , And cries everyday after she went home . She was only 11 , And In Year 7 .She got bullied by Year 11 ...


1. Introduce

One day there lived a girl , called Rose . Rose was 11 years old and in year 7 . Rose always got bullied by YEAR 11 . Rose didn't like it , every time Rose went home she slamed , her white door and  was crying in her room . If this carried on Rose said she would move school or die  . But it carried on but her mum didn't , let Rose move school . Rose never told anyone about this , not even her mum but when Rose asked her , mum said why Rose answered back '' I don't like the school i go to''. She kept it as a secret now, always , forever and all her life . Rose sat next to the bullies that was the worse thing about her life . Rose really wanted to die but she didn't not know how . The second worse thing was  (Pause)  that  the bullies pulled ,her brown long hair now Rose's hair is short  . Third was they took away Rose's chair . 

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