How to save a life

*compertion entry*
Jodie and Hannah are twins. Their father died when they were young in a car accident, and now they live with just thier mum-Clare. Clare is OCD, and likes everything to be just right. For examplethe girls hair must be tied in a neat pongytail with a red ribbon with not a hair out of place. they must eat 1500 calories a day and do 5 hours of excisies a week. They are recieve private lessons of latin, french, german and italian and have monthly exams. Their life is just one long time table and they are fed up with it. They need a way out and choose the only one they can think of.
They make a pact. On there 16th birthday (they are currently 15) they will do it. They will go to Hell's Heath and they will meet on the edge of the moutain that over looks the river. Then, holding hands, they will jump.


1. The Letter

My life is a timetable. It goes on forever. It never stoped. I  needed to make it stop.

Thats why I made the pact. I didn't make it, I just agreed to it.

I tried to get help. I tried to make it work, and i'm so sorry for what I did.

I just needed it to stop, and I thought this was the only way.

I'm sorry

Jodie xxxx

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