Live, Laugh, Love, Spy

Eleanor and her gang (Sundance, Darcy, Rae, Georgia, and Via) have been professional spies since before they could remember. Follow them through their daring, humorous, love, and friendship, packed adventure, they call life. To falling in love with Rivalry spies and keeping the term 'Sisters before Misters' in mind. Enjoy!!
P.S in this story being a band is One Directions cover.


6. Chapter 6 'Via' "Backstage with... Them"

They boys knew where we were. The blondie' signal was a tad bit obvious. Scratch that. It was very obvious. The girls and I rushed backstage, showed our passes to the security gaurd, and went running.

"You must be here to see One Direction." A voice behind is said. We turned around to see all five boys (and their drummer) standing in a perfect line, and posing as if someone might take a picture. "And might I say," a curly headed boy, said winking at me. "You all are georgeus." Rae flashed her signature 'I'm a perfect angel' smile at the boys. "Aren't you going to give us a tour?" She said fluttering her eyelashes at a boy eating carrots. "Of course!" He said depositing his arm around her an d leading the way. "May I?" Curly said besides me. I shrugged, showing no expression. "Do it at your own risk." He happily put his arm around me and began to walk. What did I get myself into!!

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