Live, Laugh, Love, Spy

Eleanor and her gang (Sundance, Darcy, Rae, Georgia, and Via) have been professional spies since before they could remember. Follow them through their daring, humorous, love, and friendship, packed adventure, they call life. To falling in love with Rivalry spies and keeping the term 'Sisters before Misters' in mind. Enjoy!!
P.S in this story being a band is One Directions cover.


5. Chapter 5 'Sundance' "Onstage?"

As we went inside the stadium, girls started cheering around me. So the girls and I began to cheer. Was I nervous? Heck ya! No enemy of One Direction has come out alive. But this could be different. They don't know what we look like. I fingered my blonde hair nervously and heard deep masculine voices on stage. I looked up to see five boys running and jumping around the stage. I was snapped out of my stare by Darcy. "There's something about them," she said. "that makes me smile. But I know they're evil." I nodded in understanding. 

The show was nearing the end and I was beyond nervous. A blonde boy spoke into the microphone, smiling a cheeky smile. "Alright guys. We are going to invite five ladies on stage, so we can sing to them!" The crowd went wild and I swear, there were girls crying. Music began playing and the boys walked down into the crowd. One by one girls were picked, and there were only two boys left. A curly brown haired boy, and a boy with brown hair and a striped shirt. The curly haired boy. The curly haired boy began walking to me as the other boy walked to Eleanor. 

Before I knew what happened I was sitting on a stool next to Eleanor and three other girls. Getting serenaded by curly head. The blonde boy nodded his head towards El and I. And that could only mean one thing. They found us. 

Haha cliff hanger. Even though whenever I say 'cliff hanger' I'll probs get annoyed and update in a second. Lol luv y'all.  

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