Live, Laugh, Love, Spy

Eleanor and her gang (Sundance, Darcy, Rae, Georgia, and Via) have been professional spies since before they could remember. Follow them through their daring, humorous, love, and friendship, packed adventure, they call life. To falling in love with Rivalry spies and keeping the term 'Sisters before Misters' in mind. Enjoy!!
P.S in this story being a band is One Directions cover.


2. Chapter 2 'Darcy' "First look"

I. Jumped out of the car fingering my gun. (Just in case anything got out of hand.) As we walked I placed a dart in my gun. I was nervous. Can you tell? Rae saw me cringe. "Don't worry Darce." She said smiling and putting an arm around my shoulder.

Sundance ran over and passed me a necklace that said "Backstage VIP." "Alright" Eleanor said smiling. She was never nervous. "Remember to keep the microphone in your earrings on at all time. Don't make it obvious that you might be nervous, and remember girls," she said her smile widening "kick butt!" As we reached the entrance to Madison Square Guardians, I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. "This is it..." Rae said next to me. We stood in a perfect line, held each others hands and heeded in, not knowing whether we would make it out alive....


How do you guys like it so far? I wanna say again. This is dedicated to Nialler4everxox because her super nice comments made my day. Luv ya!! I also luv all my other readers!!

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