Live, Laugh, Love, Spy

Eleanor and her gang (Sundance, Darcy, Rae, Georgia, and Via) have been professional spies since before they could remember. Follow them through their daring, humorous, love, and friendship, packed adventure, they call life. To falling in love with Rivalry spies and keeping the term 'Sisters before Misters' in mind. Enjoy!!
P.S in this story being a band is One Directions cover.


1. Chapter 1 'Eleanor' "The Concert"

At least one person dies at a One Direction concert. Do I know why? You ask. Heck ya. They have a secret weapon-ish. Hotness. They allure their enemies. Then when they're preforming on stage and making their enemy fall in love with them (wether they're a boy or a girl) they pounce, in secret of course. But this time they got one of our agents. That isn't good. They crossed the line.

So now Agent G (The head of our agency) wants me and my crew to stop them. Mostly because most of my friends and I don't know the meaning of love. I mean we know the meaning of friendship, but when we were younger the Agency decide they needed special spies. Ones that wouldn't fall in love with rivalry spies like One Direction. So basically they built a wall in our brains blocking is from the word. So once,an agent tested me to see if I knew what love was.... I forgot right away. Anyway... Back to reality. 

I pulled my car into the parking lot. "Alright," I said looking at my girls, who were beyond nervous. "This is it!" We stepped out of our car decked down in what teenage girls wear daily. "I want you guys to know... They know we're here..." 


How do you like it so far??? Since only one person reads my book this is dedicated to Naillerforeverxox!!! Thanks!!!

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