Everything about you

Alex life "was" normal, she had job at a small cafe, and thinks of going to a college. All what she wanted is to love someone. But she meets up with someone, who would change her life's dream.


1. Work is over

I sighed as I saw jake. We used to go out together, but everything got torn apart. My past relationships would  never last longer than a month. After all, I was the one who would break apart, not them. And one good example is jake. My parents both abandoned me since two years, while I got to work and earn by my own. I sighed again. It always get boring here. Looking after costumes who never act kindly to you, but you need to act that way to them. Though I always love my job, there are always limits right? I did have a sis, but she traveled to Paris with her fiancé. And here iam working at a cafe shop.

 A costumer come toward the disk, which means to me. I sighed as I forced a smile. "Hello sir, want anything?" I asked as usual. His brown eyes, would make you sink at them. He coughs, and I looked down blushing. "Well, sorry but the bathroom isn't working right." He stated. I looked at his perfect hair. No Alex, you won't love anymore. Not after everything."um yeah sorry sir, we would fix during the vacation" iam not sure about that. He smiled as he looked at my eyes, our eyes met at that point. He looks away blushing, as he reliazed what happened."can I at least know your name?" He got the courage to ask my name. "Alex, Alex James" he nods, and "iam zayn malik" I nod happily, but got interrupted as the boss came in."Alex stop playing around, and continue your work!" "Yes sir" as zayn went already. I think he is sweet, but I won't love, as I said never.

 Today is my last day working here, then hooray my vacation! The problem is I have no idea how to have fun. It been like that since I was left alone at the age 15. Now as a 17 years old teenager, I think I won't worry apart this part. All I need is a good fine bath, with a cup of coffee, and read the news, as old days. I closed the cafe, and gave the keys to jake."need a drive?" He asked. No way, I won't."no it's fine, I can go alone" he gave me a smile, as he left. I sighed again, and walked through the night, maybe it was better of I went with him, I thought. The cold breeze send shivers to my body. It is summer, though still it have cold breezes here, and over there. I have already a lot of things to do. I hugged myself, as I went slowly at the cold pavement. It is dark enough for a person to be lost.

after the long walk, I saw a familiar person. Ohh, it is zayn. He turn, and saw me there. Oh no, I need to leave, before he talks."hey, Alex." He gave me the most amazing smile anyone would like to just see it."hi" I answered shyly. Silence."so u are heading home?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. That's it. Is he killing me? All what he have done recently, makes me fall in love with him, while every second pass. His eyes, hair, smile, voice, scent.oh no, you are going way far Alex, I reminded myself.

"yeah, and you?" "Going to hang out a bit with my mates, would you like to come?" I blushed as I looked Down at my feet."I won't like to mess everything there" I said shyly. I don't like to talk weakly, but just looking at him, make me weak. "Did we met at the past?" His smile disappeared as he said It. What does he mean by past? Like along ago? The first time I meet him, was in the cafe."no, we haven't." He nods, but still he seems unsure, and I don't like these expressions.


Zayn P.O.V:

ok let get this. I think I have seen this girl, but the question is when and where! No way..no freaking way! Could it be her? How stupid am I! As I slapped myself mentally. "Can I see your arm?" This is they way I could confirm it is her, cause I never mistake about this things. She kind looked unsure, as she pulled the sleeves up of her shirt. I could see it clearly, under the bright star. For sure it is Alex, my best mate.

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