Behind Us Guys

Hey girls, you know how you always say we, guys, are from another planet well I thought I'd be able and tell you some stuff about us.

If there is something you want to know comment and I'll try and write a chapter about it, but bare in mind it will be from my view not every guys view in the world. So don't come crying to be telling me it's not true because it didn't work for you.


1. Read this

Each chapter might change when I have more ideas about it that I forgot to start with. Don't be afraid to want a topic on something there already isn't one on it. (You would know that already if you read the blurb, so good on you if you did, but that was for those who didn't). Also if your a guy and your reading this or your a girl who knows some information I'd happily add it to what I know. 

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