Behind Us Guys

Hey girls, you know how you always say we, guys, are from another planet well I thought I'd be able and tell you some stuff about us.

If there is something you want to know comment and I'll try and write a chapter about it, but bare in mind it will be from my view not every guys view in the world. So don't come crying to be telling me it's not true because it didn't work for you.


3. Heart Break

I just wanted to let you know that girls when we dump you we don't mean to be too harsh. Well some of us might, because some of us are jerks or don't realise how much it will hurt you. But it's still the same, when you dump us, it hurts us to and I don't just mean it hurts our pride. I don't mean that at all.

Notice all the words in the red boxes? Those are word's of my friend after losing the girl he loves.


What about then?

Or even then. 

Short quote with so much emotion. Now add it to the conversation.

Now it seem's even worse.

He feels worthless, unwanted when really he's just a guy that's mean dumped.

I can lead to cutting, though that's an extreme, but there is still a chance. 

Try and tell me now if you think that no guys cares. To me it look's like some do. I care and so do others.

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