Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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28. Epilogue.

~A few years later~

*Anna's P.O.V.*

 I walked through the streets of New York on my way home from work, listening to music. Suddenly an old song started to play. It felt as if I'd been obsessed with that song just yesterday. Before I knew it, all the memories associated with that song came rushing back; Liam, Harry, Georgie, Winnie, Niall, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie. I wondered how they were doing now.

Liam and I never worked out, and he's been with Sophia ever since I left for the States; I guess they're still together. Winnie moved to Ireland for college and lives with Niall; they're happy as can be, but at least we talk on Skype every day. Harry and Georgie are still together, living in London together. Lou and El are enjoying being engaged; just like Zayn and Perrie did. Last, but not the least, Zerrie finally got married last year, the ceremony was beautiful, and that was the last time I saw all of them in person.

I climbed up the stairs in my building and opened the door to my apartment. I sighed in relief as I saw a note from my roommate saying that she won't be back till tomorrow.

I changed into my comfy pj's and dashed for my bed, tired from a long morning of work. To my surprise, I started to fall asleep without thinking much.

~Later that evening~

I awoke to the sound of my doorbell and wondered if I'd slept too long. I shuffled out of my bed and towards the front door while fixing my hair. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the time before opening the door. I wondered who'd be at my door seeing as I'd slept just for 3 hours.

I opened the door to someone completely unexpected. I blinked my eyes a couple of times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It was Harry. Harry Edward Styles. The boy whom I hadn't seen in over a year. I didn't know what to say, but neither did he, so he just smiled. I simply stepped aside and let him in.

"So, what brings you to New York, Harold?" I asked groggily. 

"I just wanted to talk to you, like old times." he said with a small smile. "Sure, like old times." I said without showing any emotion. "How have you been?" he asked. "Good, really good. What about you?"  "Fantastic," he paused. "But, I miss you." "I miss you too, Haz." I whispered. "I miss hanging out with you like this, just the two of us." he said, looking down at his shoes. I didn't know what to say. I felt like if I told him or asked him what I really wanted to, it'd start a fight between us.

"Is it alright if we go out for a walk?" he asked, after what seemed like an eternity of silence. "Sure, I'll just grab my phone." I said, getting up.

"So, how's working at the bakery again like?" I asked as we walked down the stairs. "Working at the bakery again feels nice, even though it's temporary." he replied. "It looks like New York is treating you well." he said, grinning. "It is; it's like a dream come true." I said. "It literally is. This was all you talked about when we were teenagers, and now you have it all. You're a lucky girl, Anna." he said. "I guess so." I said, looking at my shoes. "You really are lucky, I mean it." he said, looking at me. "I don't feel that lucky, though." I said, still looking down. "Why is that?" he asked. "It may seem like I have it all, but in reality, I don't. There's still so much missing in my life." I replied. "You can either fight for it, or learn to live without it." he said. "I've learned to live without it. But, I'm not so sure I'm doing a very good job at that. Then again, it's a lonely life, right?" I said. "Indeed. But, eventually, you'll find someone to make it less lonely. You just gotta be patient." he said, walking into a coffee shop.

As we sat down, I somehow felt like a teenager again. I hate how he made me feel like that, and I wish I could punch him. But, no matter what, I knew deep inside in my heart that I still loved him. Not in the romantic way, but, I loved him, as a person who understood me completely, knew all my flaws and fears, treated me like crap sometimes without even realizing, and somehow, stood by me in an unspeakable way. Whatever said and done, he was one of those people that you can never forget, and those who stick around throughout your whole life, even if you haven't talked to them for months.

"I'll have a cup of hot chocolate, please." he said to the waitress. "And I'll have a caramel macchiato." I said.

"So, why are you really here, Harold?" I asked, cutting to the chase. "Like I said, I just wanted to talk to you." he replied. "Harry, I know you, you would've called me if you wanted to talk to me." I said, looking into his eyes. "What if I also wanted to see you?", "You would've called me on Skype.", "Damnit, Anna, stop trying to prove that I don't care about you, because that's not true!" he said, raising his voice a little. "I'm not trying to prove anything, Harry. I just know that something's up and you came here to talk about it, and I'm fine with that." I said.

As the waitress arrived with our beverages, he moved his arms away from the table, closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Look, this isn't the only reason why I'm here, okay? I really wanted to see you, too. I know that I haven't exactly been there for you, but I want that to change, at least a little." he said. "Haz, it's okay. Tell me what's going on." I said, having no idea that what he was going to tell me would turn my whole world upside down as he quietly pulled out a small box from his coat pocket. "I'm thinking of asking Georgie to marry me." he said, and those were the words that killed me inside, just like when he broke my heart all those years ago.

"Oh my God, wow. What's stopping you?" I asked, after staring at the box for a few seconds, trying my best to put on a poker-face. "I just wanted to ask you if it's a good idea." he said. "No, it's not a good idea, Haz. It's a bloody great idea! You shouldn't be here asking me that, you idiot, you should be with her, asking her to marry you right now!" I exclaimed, wide-eyed. "You're my best friend, Anna. I wanted to talk to you before I went through with it." he said. "Well, what about Lou? Why didn't you talk to him?" I asked. "I decided to call him after I talked to you." he replied. "Then go call him now, and you are most definitely getting on the next flight to London. Don't waste anymore time, Harry, you guys are meant to be." I said.

"You're right, I'm gonna get a cab to my hotel, grab all my stuff and go to the airport. I'll call Lou on the way. I'm so glad I came to see you, Anna, you're the best!" he said, hugging me before running out of that coffee shop. I sat still, not knowing what to do or think.

Hours passed, and I still sat there, completely still. No thoughts went through my mind. All I could hear was silence, and all I could see was darkness.

"Excuse me, miss, I'm afraid that we're closing now. I'm going to have to ask you to leave." a voice said, snapping me out of my trance. "Oh, I'm sorry." I mumbled, leaving some money on the table before running out of that coffee shop, just like he did, except, I didn't know where I was going.

As I was running, one thought went through my mind. The thought of telling someone. I had to tell someone I trusted with my life about how I had felt about Harry. I was many years too late, but I just had to get it off my chest once and for all. He deserved happiness, and for once in my life, I thought, so did I. It was time for me to leave my past behind. I'd managed to get over Harry years ago, but this was closure. The closure I finally needed.

"Winnie, it's me. I know it's probably a very ungodly hour over there, but I'm so sorry, I just need to get this off my chest. I understand if you hate me for not having told you this years ago, but it's too late now anyway, and I'm over it, so please, don't make a big deal out of this and tell Georgie. I'm trusting you with this, so don't make me regret it." I rambled. "Woah, woah, woah. Slow down there, Anna. I promise, I won't tell Georgie, no matter what it is that you're gonna tell me, and I'm pretty sure I won't hate you." she responded. "Okay, this happened in high school, and it's kind of a long story, so please don't interrupt me until I'm done." I said. "Alright, I won't say a word, starting now." she said.

"I'm probably gonna regret this, but deep down, I know that I should've told you about this a long time ago, at least after I moved on. Anyway, in 2007, Harry and I got really close. So close, that I started to develop feelings for him. But, we were bestfriends, so I kept those feelings aside. However, when he left for The X Factor in 2009, I missed him, a lot. I missed him so much that all those feelings that I tried to keep buried deep inside, came back somehow. I denied them for years, and eventually, I stopped thinking about him, but in 2013, when he came back, there was no way I could've denied how I felt about him. I finally started to accept that I did like him, and that it was time for me to confess. I started to prepare myself to tell him, and after a while, I felt like I was almost ready. But then, Harry and Georgie got together, and honestly, that broke my heart. My very existence seemed pointless to me, and that's when I started to cut myself. This went on for a while, and I think you remember it; the time when I shut all of you out, rarely got out of my house and at one point, even pretended to have a severe case of the flu for weeks, not letting any of you see me because I didn't want to infect you all. None of you suspected anything, thankfully. But, after all that was done, and I finally accepted everything that had happened, Liam saved me. He made me the happiest I've ever been, and I even stopped cutting. Nevertheless, that didn't mean I completely stopped thinking about Harry. I thought I was over him, but I wasn't, I was just avoiding him. But, finally, after a year, I got over him completely. I still love him, though. Not in the same way that I used to, but I just love him, you know? And I hate myself for that. I remember when I blamed him, I was wrong. It was all my fault. I'm the one who felt that way, and even though there was nothing I could've done to change that, at the end of the day, they're my feelings that nobody else can be blamed for. I'm sorry I never told you, Winnie. I know I should've a decade ago, and I have no idea why I'm telling you all of this now, because I don't have feelings for him anymore. I think you knew all along, though, but you never said anything. You teased me for a few years, but that was it. I love you so much, please, don't hate me, and don't tell Georgie and Harry. I'm done talking now." I said, sobbing.

"Anna, I don't hate you, and I'm never going to tell Georgie and Harry, I promise you. To be honest, I always knew that you had feelings for him, I could see it in the way you looked at him and talked about him. You didn't make it obvious, but I always saw it. It's completely alright that you didn't tell me when we were in high school, I know you, you always keep things to yourself, but I'm really glad you told me now, you deserve to get this off your chest and get some closure. As long as you're not cutting anymore, I'm not going to be mad at you for not telling me. I believe you when you say that you're over him, but why are you remembering all of this now?" she responded. "Thank you, thank you so much. I can't tell you why." I replied. "You have to tell me, Anna. Don't keep this to yourself like you always do." she said. "I'm not supposed to tell you, Winnie. You'll find out, eventually." I whimpered. "Then it won't hurt for me to know a little sooner. You trust me with your life, so you can trust me with this." she said. "Harry was here earlier today." I said. "What for?" she asked. "He came to talk to me," I paused. "He's going to ask Georgie to marry him. He's on his way back to London now."

"Anna, I'm coming there right now-" "No, Winnie. I'm not sad. I'm just a little lost. I'm really happy for them, because 10 years ago, I knew that they were meant to be together, I just didn't want to think about it because of how I felt about him. But, we all know it's true. They belong with each other, and nobody can deny that. So, who am I to stand in their way? He used to mean the world to me, and to him, I was just an option." I cut her off. "I'm sorry, Anna. I really am." she whispered. "Don't be sorry, Winnie. There are no happy endings in the real world, I just learnt that the hard way. See you at the wedding." I said, before ending the call.

I looked up at the starry sky, and thought to myself, I'm such a silly girl; I fell in love with someone I knew I could never have, and cried over him for years. It's been over a decade since that summer day when I felt like I had a crush on him, and here I am, still crying over him. But, I think this is the last time I'm going to cry over him. I've said that countless number of times before, but right now, this just feels like it's the last time; it's the end of the road for the journey with the boy to whom I'm just an option.


**(A/N): Bet you all are weren't expecting this story to end so soon! But I'm proud of this story and how it turned out. I promised a story which was unlike the usual boy meets girl, they fall in love and get marrried, and this is exactly what I had in mind; boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy doesn't love her back, girl gets her heart broken and eventually gets over it. I just wanted this story to be different, because not everyone gets what they want (I speak from experience). I apologize to everyone who was expecting Anna to get Harry in the end. But you all will be happy to know that this is exactly what Anna wanted; to be happy. Now she's finally over Harry and she's gotten her closure. That's exactly what I had in mind for her. Thank you to every single person who read this story, I hope you all liked it, and I hope you all like my other stories too. I'm thinking of taking a break from writing till summer. But I will surely update my two other stories before doing that. Thank you again to everyone who read this story, it means a lot! xx**

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