Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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8. Chapter 7.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

I was nervous. I really don't know why I should be nervous. I mean, I should be happy and excited. Harry's finally gonna be in town, and he's gonna be living a few doors down, we'll finally be able to spend time with each other again. But something just doesn't feel right. I feel like things aren't going to be how I imagined them.

Ugh, I think the dream I had the other morning is just messing with my head. Sigh, I think it'd be best if I just start to chant the words "I do not like Harry" in my head over and over again.

My heart started beating as fast as it possibly could as soon as I heard the doorbell. Oh my God, why am I freaking out? Why am I so damn nervous?! It's just Harry. I've done this before. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. You can do this Anna, he's not a monster. That's right, he's not a monster, he's handsome, and I want him to be mine, and I just wanna jum- Wait, what am I thinking?!

Girls stood behind me excitedly as I slowly opened the door. We screamed in unison, "WELCOME HOME!"

"Wow, it's so good to see you three again!" Harry said in his slow husky voice. God, he makes me melt.

"Good to see you too, Harold." Winnie chirped. She looked so adorable with her pink floral top, beige jean shorts and bunny slippers. "I've missed you, Winnie." he pulled her in for a hug.After a few seconds, he turned to me. "Where's my hug?" he pouted like a 9 year-old. "Why, I don't know, I think I forgot." I said innocently. "Oh shut up, Annabelle." he said as he pulled me in for a bone-crushing bear hug.

After pulling away from me, he turned to stare at Georgie. They both stared into each others eyes for a while before they crashed into each others arms. Winnie, the boys and I stood there awkwardly as they hugged and mumbled a few "I miss you"'s.

"Harry, aren't you gonna introduce us?" Niall spoke in his attractive Irish accent. I could see from the corner of my eyes that Winnie was about to faint. "Oh, yes! Sorry, lads." Harry apologized and continued. "You all know who these people are, and I know that you guys have been dying to meet them, so Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis, this is Winnie, Anna and Georgie." he said pointing to each of us as he said our names.

"Hello." the three of us spoke shyly in unison. "Oh and, they're quite shy." Harry added. "Don't worry, girls. They don't bite." Harry smirked and winked as he spoke.

"Come on in, guys!" I said, breaking the silence. The boys followed us into the living room and made themseves comfortable on the two couches.

"Would you lads like something to drink?" I offered. "Sure, I'd like some sparkling water, please." Zayn shot me a warm smile. "I'll have mineral water, thanks." Liam stated. "I'd like pepsi." Louis sais excitedly. "I'll have the same." Harry nodded. "Got any beer?" Niall asked which caused the whole room to be filled with laughter. "I'm serious." he added with a straight face. "Alright, boys, coming right up." I smiled. "Would you like some chips, Niall?" Winnie offered. "Yeah, sure! Thanks, Winnie." he replied cheerfully.

I think Winnie must be hyperventillating right now. She had a thing for Niall, and the fact tha he remembered her name must be killing her right now. She must be fangirling on the inside! Although, I'm pretty surprised we didn't scream in their face in total fangirl mode when they arrived.

"Here you go boys, one sparkling water, one mineral water, two pepsi's, and one beer." I said as I kept the tray of drinks on the coffee table. "And also, here are your chips, Niall!" Winnie chirped. "Thanks." Niall grinned at her.

"So, Anna, this your house, and since you're the host, what're we gonna do after this?" Zayn asked in his deep Bradford accent. "Hmm, good question, I thought we'd all watch a movie, you guys can choose." I smiled. "Alright then, lads. Let's choose a movie." he turned to look at the boys.

"Hey! This is root beer!" Niall complained. "You didn't mention what kind of beer you wanted." I smirked. "Smart move, be careful with her next time, Nialler." Zayn chuckled.

These boys made me smile. Maybe they could help me take my mind off of Harry. Speaking of Harry, I turned to look at him to see him talking to Georgie. Of course, I should've known.

"So, you boys are gonna go back at school as well, just like Harry?" I asked, turning to look at the four boys sitting across me. "Yes, but I will be going to university." Louis stated. "Oh, really, what are you gonna major in?" I asked curiously. "Drama." Louis grinned. "Ah, that's nice," I smiled and continued. "What about you boys, are gonna go to university after finishing high school?" "If time permits it, then we will." Liam replied.

"So, I'm guessing you're gonna be in the same class as Harry this year, correct?" Zayn questioned eyeing me. "Yes, although he's three years older than me." I chuckled. "Wow, so you're 16?" he asked surprisingly with his eyebrows raised. "Yes, and that's surprising, because?" I asked with my eyes narrowed. "Oh, I just thought you'd be the same age as Harry." he stated. "None of us are the same age as Harry. Winnie's 16 too, and Georgie's 17." I stated matter of factly. "So this is the only place where Harry will be the oldest, when we aren't around of course." Zayn smirked. "Correct." I chuckled slightly.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Talking to Georgie made me feel like I was living a dream. She looked beautiful as ever, and she hadn't changed a bit. The way her eyes twinkled when she talked about something that made her happy, the way her lips moved perfectly, the way her hair just made her look even more beautiful, I could write a book about her beauty and even that wouldn't be enough. God, she was so gorgeous.

"Hey, I think you should go talk to Anna, straighten things out with her, I don't want her to be mad at you." Georgie told me as I thought that it was a good idea. "Alright, will do. Be right back love." I whispered before getting up and walking up to Anna. She was talking to the boys and they were laughing about something.

"Hey Haz!" Niall said excitedly. "Hey Nialler! Do you guys mind if I borrow Anna for a few minutes?" I asked the boys. "Sure, but bring her back, she's fun." Louis stated. "Sure, don't worry." I smiled.

Anna followed me into the kitchen and I closed the door behind us. "What's up, Haz?" she asked me, smiling. "Nothing, I just wanted to talk. I miss you. I feel like we've lost touch, and I'm so sorry." I said, frowning a little. "Don't be sorry, Haz. It's fine, you're back home now, we can hang out more often, don't worry about it." she shot me a wide smile. "Now let's go out there, and have fun, alright?" she offered. "Okay, but we're having lunch together tomorrow, we've got some catching up to do. It's not a date, chill out. Just two bestfriends, talking about the events that took place in the last 8 months of their lives." I grinned. "Sure," Anna replied leading me out of the kitchen. "That'd be nice." she gave me a genuine smile.

I made my way back to Georgie and sat beside her grinning like a mad man.

"So, how'd it go?" Georgie asked. "Great. It's all good, she's not mad, we're gonna catch up at lunch tomorrow." I smiled. "That's good to hear. I'm glad you guys are okay." she said as she kept her head on my shoulder. "Me too." I sighed happily.

*Liam's P.O.V.*

I felt a little jealousy rise in me as I saw Harry and Anna go into the kitchen. I don't know why I was jealous. I don't like Anna. Do I?

I mean, maybe I do. She's such a friendly person. She may be a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, she's so sweet, funny and care-free. She's the kind of girl that you'd be crazy not to date.

I looked at the kitchen door to see that it was still closed. I wonder what they were talking about. Sigh, I just met this girl, and here I am, acting like a jealous boyfriend, while she probably has one! I'm being so pathetic. But I can't help it, I need to know this girl. My goal is to find out more about her in the next 3 days.

They both finally got out of the kitchen and I was overjoyed to see her. I was so happy that I'd jump onto her and hug her if I could. But I wouldn't wanna scare her off.

Play it cool, Liam. Play it cool.

"Hey guys, I'm back!" she chirped. "Woohoo! Anna's back!" I screamed with excited. The boys looked at me like I was crazy. "Sorry." I said quietly. "Aww, that's so cute! It's okay, love." she said, smiling big. YESSSS! She thinks I'm cute. Mission accomplished. Sort of.

"So, what did you guys talk about?" Louis asked curiously. "Oh, nothing serious, don't worry." she stated simply. "Anyway, did you guys choose a movie?" she asked. "Yes, we did!" Niall jumped up. "We're watching Skyfall, because I like James Bond." Louis stated. "Alright then, everybody, get comfortable wherever you want, I'll go get some popcorn." she said getting off the couch and headed for the kitchen.

When the girls came back with popcorn and the lights were switched off, I shifted to the floor and grabbed a blanket. I felt a body settle next to me and I noticed that it was Anna.

"Hey." I whispered. "Oh, hey." she whispered back. "Have some popcorn." she offered. "Sure, thanks." I replied.

~30 minutes later~

I put my hand into the bowl without looknig away from the television. As I tried to grab some popcorn, I felt my hand grab another. I looked down to notice that it was Anna's. I quickly pulled away as she did the same and I think I saw her blush.

I was figthting the urge to put my arm around her, she was mesmerizing. I couldn't get my eyes off of her. I just hope she doesn't catch me staring, because she's beautiful and I can't help but stare. It's like she had this spell on me, and all I could do was helplessly stay under that spell. I'm just praying she doesn't have a boyfriend. Even though a girl as pretty as her, should.

Way to go, Liam. You like a girl that you've met just a few hours ago.

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