Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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5. Chapter 4.

*Winnie's P.O.V.*

I don't know why, but I keep thinking about Harry and Georgie. Are they a thing and hiding it from us? Or are they pretending to be something they're not? Or is it just innocent but is making Anna jealous anyway? I can't help but notice, Anna hasn't liked a boy in a LONG time. It's been years, I guess. Either she's still not brave enough to trust someone with her heart, or she's just afraid she'll get hurt again. But it's safe to say that whatever's been going on between Harry and Georgie, is definitely making her jealous. I know that I tease her with Harry, but who knows if she really likes him or not? She tells me all the funny things Harry talks about, and all the stuff they do together, but she's never told me she liked Harry. I may be missinterpreting things and making fun of her, but what if she really likes Harry? That could be the reason behind her jealousy. Or she could just be jealous because she's his bestfriend and he always treats Georgie better. I mean, c'mon, you would be blind if you said Anna's just as important to Harry as Georgie is. Sometimes I feel like Harry's in love with Georgie. Because honestly, she's all he sees. He calls her everyday, he compliments her, and I bet he texts her good morning and good night too. Those are things couples do. All these obvious signs are there, and yet he calls Georgie his bestfriend. Little does he know that Anna's falling apart. He knows her weaknesses, and he still doesn't tell her the truth. I might be wrong about Harry and Georgie possibly being a couple, but there's one thing I'm not wrong about, they're keeping something from us. And I bet Anna knows that too, but maybe she's in denial, because's she's been broken before, and she's too scared to get hurt by a boy again. I guess in a way, we're all in denial, we just run away from the truth, thinking that it'll make things better. But we're wrong, it just makes things worse.

"Hey Winnie! What do you want for dinner tonight?" Anna called from down the stairs. "Oh, I don't know, I'll be down in a minute to help you decide." I replied. "Alright." she said simply. "Where's Georgie?" I asked while getting off the bed. "She's on the phone. With Harry." she whispered the last two words, but I heard her, and I could hear the sadness in her voice. Even if she didn't really like Harry and I was totally wrong about that, having her bestfriend chooing his other bestfriend over her  would definitely sting. She's been through that a million times before, and I would hate to see her go through all of that pain again. Sadly, there's nothing I can do about it.

"What's on your mind, Anna?" I asked as I padded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

I started fiddling with the bottom of my loose shirt while thinking about how long Harry and Georgie have been talking for.

"What's on your mind, Anna?" I heard Winnie's voice ring through my ears as she entered the kitchen, instantly snapping me out of my thoughts. Sigh, if only I could tell her.

I just hope she wasn't looking at me from afar before entering the kitchen though. I don't want to complicate things by telling Winnie. I've never told anyone about my feelings for Harry because I always thought that telling someone about it would make it more real. And I guess I just don't want that to happen, even though I really want to be with Harry.

"Well, I don't think I want Chinese again, we had that last week, and not Italian because there's too much cheese involved there, I really need to watch what I'm eating. So, I think I'm just gonna heat a can of soup. What about you?" I asked looking at her face, hoping she didn't want to know what really was on my mind. "I think I'll just have the leftovers from lunch, I don't want to waste that. What about Georgie?" Winnie inquired. "I don't know, we'll let her decide after she's done talking to Harry." I replied as blankly as I could, trying not to let any emotions out.

I grabbed a can of sweet corn soup and emptied it into a pan and started stirring it around while Winnie popped the leftovers from lunch into the microwave and waited for it to heat up.

I had a feeling that she knew there was something going on between Harry and Georgie. So did I honestly, but none of us knew what exactly it was. I still remember thinking that they were going out a few years after they became friends. I never really confronted them, because I didn't really care. Winnie on the other hand thought they were cute together and actually told them that, but Georgie just blushed and Harry laughed it off, and after that they both denied it. But that was back when I didn't have feelings for Harry. Back then everything was simpler than it is now. My life wasn't this screwed up. I had people leaving me for someone better, but I never felt this way about Harry. And maybe that was the good life, but it didn't stay that way.

I transferred the soup into a bowl, grabbed a spoon and a water bottle as I felt a slight headache. "I'm gonna head to my room, Winnie. I'm starting to have a headache, so I'm just gonna finish my soup real quick, have a painkiller and go straight to sleep. Goodnight." I smiled weakly. "Alright, if you need anything, I'll be right here, okay?" Winnie assured and simply nodded.

While heading up the stairs, I heard a loud laugh emerging from the guest room. That was definitely Georgie. A part of me died inside and I quickly made my way to my room not wanting to hear any more of that.

It's not that I didn't want Georgie to be happy. Honestly, I was overjoyed that she finally found a boy that made her feel like she was on top of the world. But a part of me always wanted Harry for myself. Harry was the first boy who actually brought meaning into my life. I didn't realize it until 2 years ago. All the boys I'd been associated with before then, had betrayed me, taken me for granted, acted like they cared about me, and then left me for someone else. He was the first one to actually stay, and listen to me. He made me believe that not all boys are like the ones I'd been with. He made me believe that love actually exists, even though we both believed otherwise. Harry'd had his fair share of heartbreaks, and was afraid to get hurt again, or have people using him for his fame. He told me that last year, and that day I felt a part of me die inside, just like I did a while ago. I felt like I would never get to tell him how I really feel, and make him mine, not just because he doesn't want to be into someone and get hurt again, but also because he's my bestfriend, and he's the only guy bestfriend I still have and can trust with my life, I would hate to ruin our friendship just because of my crazy feelings that may or may not be true at all. But here I am, still waiting for him to change his mind.

I began drinking my soup before I got lost in my thoughts and it became cold. I thought about what Harry and Georgie might've been talking about. I mean, he calls her everyday, and texts her all the time, and he barely texts me. It hurts knowing that I'm not important enough to be a priority to him. Maybe I'm not good enough? Or I've changed and he doesn't like to talk to me anymore? Honestly, I didn't know what to think, because some days he texts me saying that he hates how we don't get to talk so much anymore and that he misses me. That's funny because he has all the time in the world to talk to Georgie, but when it comes to me he hardly makes an effort.

We talk about everything. Literally everything. But yet I feel like he's not telling me something. Something that's important. He's my bestfriend, whatever's important to him is sure as hell important to me as well. Him of all people should know that important things about him affect me as well. It affects our friendship. If he was to say that he was moving to America after High School, that would obviously affect me and our friendship even though it was something important in his life and had nothing to do with me!

What's worse is that Georgie is a part of this. I felt like the both of them are hiding something from Winnie and I. Whenever Georgie liked a boy, she would always tell us. But here she is talking to Harry on the phone every freaking day, and not telling us anything about it. If there's nothing going on, why would she be so damn secretive about what they talk about every single damn day?! It's ironic how I talk about the funny things Harry and I talk about and everybody thinks I like him, but in Georgie's case, people think that, but never say it out loud! Little do they know that Harry and I barely talk properly everyday.

Georgie's a little shy, but Winnie and I are her bestfriends, she'd tell us if there was something was going between them, wouldn't she? But the sad part is, I'm not so sure anymore.

But what about Harry? He asks me every few months if I have my eye on someone, and whenever I somehow fight the urge to tell him "IT'S YOU!", and say that I don't and he accuses me of lying, I ask him if he has his eye on someone, and he says he doesn't and tells me that he's not gonnna date anyone for a while. But the way he acts around Georgie really gives people the idea he likes her, a LOT. Anyone would be stupid to think otherwise! But if it's true, and he really likes her, why would he lie to me? Doesn't he trust me anymore? Or am I just not that important to him?

I should be really pissed at him right now, but I can never be mad at him. And I hate that. I guess I just hate that he makes me feel this way. But I love him too much to let go. He means too much to me. He makes me feel happy when I'm talking to him, and he gives me the feeling that I actually matter, and I'm not just some worthless piece of shit. I think I just hate that I love him.

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