Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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26. Chapter 25.

*Third Person P.O.V.*

Harry was happy as ever in his little bubble with Georgie; a world whose inhabitants were only the 2 of them. But what they didn't realize, is that their world wasn't the same as the real world.

They were completely oblivious to the chaos surrounding their friends. Parts of them didn't care, because they had each other. But in actuality, the greater parts of them did care, they just didn't show it.

Could you blame them, though? They loved each other so much, anyone would reciprocate their very same actions if they loved another person with so much intensity and passion. But would they forget about the world in the process? Perhaps they would, but they shouldn't.


It's easier to forgive than forget, but for Anna, none of those seemed easy. She was torn between the two tedious tasks. If she chose to forgive, she'd have to live with nothing but regret for the rest of her life, she would have to keep her feelings buried deep down forever, and she'd probably never be able to love anybody ever again. But if she chose to forget, she'd have to live with the mind-numbing guilt for as long as her life would last, she'd spend every night crying over the same thing, and she wouldn't live; she'd merely exist.

The outcomes of either choices seemed similar. She didn't know what to do; she was lost, broken, and beyond repair. Not even Liam could fix her; he only saved her, there's nothing more that he can do. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't, because the one person who can save her, probably never will. Her superman - her saviour - sees the pain her eyes, but not the pain in her heart. He's willing to be superhuman for someone else, because he isn't her superman to begin with.

Yet, all she wishes for, is for him to see the pain in her heart, to save her; to be her superman. She doesn't show it anymore, though. She doesn't think about him or expect anything from him anymore, because she's starting to accept the fact that he'll never save her, never even in her wildest dreams. She still has a spark of hope inside her, nevertheless. It's not enough to turn into a flame that'll bring rise to expectations, but it's just there because no matter how much she denies it and doesn't think about it at all, deep down in her heart, she still loves him, and she always will. She covers it up with makeup, a lot of fake smiles, and her friends, but a part of her knows that no matter what she does, these things won't change it; all they'll do is help her keep it buried deep inside for no one but herself to find.

Her thoughts don't involve Harry anymore; that's the only thing keeping her happy and sane, besides Liam. But somehow, every night, she thinks about him, and she wonders what he must be feeling for Georgie, subconsciously wishing it was her that he felt that way about, because no matter how many times the Universe tells her that he isn't her superman, she still secretly wishes that he becomes superhuman just for her.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I awoke to the sound of my alarm and smiled as memories of last night filled my head. I felt like the happiest guy alive whenever I was with Georgie. I loved her so much, and everything I did, it was totally worth it. There's nothing else in the world that I'd rather have.

 A weird feeling inhabited itself in the pit of my stomach as I rolled over in bed. Was there really nothing else that I'd want? I thought long and hard - for reasons I couldn't comprehend - and a memory whisked me away into the past.


"Hey, Anna?" I whispered, turning to my side on the fluffy carpet. "Hmm?" she hummed, simultaneously shifting her gaze towards me. "What do you think the future's like?" I wondered out loud. "I think  the future's scary. Really scary." she replied. "Why is that?" I asked, looking into her eyes. "It's just - I feel like whatever I have now, will vanish in the future. I know that nothing lasts forever, but I don't like the idea of me not having the same friends, and not being young and carefree. Maybe things will be better then, but right now, I don't know, and that scares me." she replied, her gaze now fixed onto her lap.

A weird silence filled the air, and I don't know why I couldn't say something - anything. But what she said really got me thinking, what if everything will change completely? Change is quite inevitable, but I'd hate for literally everything in my life to change.

"I'll never leave your side, I promise. I'm gonna be a part of your future, and that's one thing that you know about it now. You don't have to be scared anymore." I said, pulling her in for a hug.

~End of flashback~

 Guilt overcame me as I tried to remember the last time I'd talked to Anna properly. I checked my phone to see that the last text she'd sent me was 2 weeks old, and I hadn't replied. I felt so awful and decided to give her a call and find out what she'd been up to.

After calling her contact, I heard 3 rings and then a few seconds of silence. Hoping that she'd picked up the phone, I spoke with a cheery voice, "Hey, Anna!" but the only response I got was, "Hey, leave a message after the beep and I'll try to call you back as soon as I can!" followed by a beep.

Slightly disappointed, I cancelled the call and decided to check her Twitter, maybe that'll give me some answers.

Upon logging in and clicking on her profile, I noticed that her profile picture was of her and Liam laughing, and her most recent tweet was a picture of her, Niall and Winnie with the lads from 5 Seconds Of Summer, and the tweet before that was a group picture with a lot of familiar faces, but the only faces missing were mine and Georgie's. She looked really happy in the pictures, I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. Maybe all the new friends that she's made are much more fun.

I'm not even sure if wanting to call her was a great idea. I should probably just stay out of her life, she looks happier than ever, and I wouldn't want to ruin that for her.

I pushed all those thoughts aside and shuffled out of my room and into my washroom to start my day.

As I was brushing my teeth, I heard the doorbell go off and furrowed my eyebrows with confusion. That's weird, mum and Gemma are out of town for a few days, Robin's on a business trip, and Georgie's still asleep. Who could that be?

I washed my mouth and made my way downstairs. I quickly fixed my hair and swung the door open to be met by someone I hadn't seen in quite a while. I didn't quite know how to feel. Should I be over-joyed? Should I be worried?

"Hey, Haz. We need to talk." Niall said, giving me a weird-but-not-scary look. That was enough to make feel worried. "Sure, Nialler. Come in." I mumbled, shutting the door after he got inside.

"I know you're worried, don't be." he smiled slightly. He knew me so well, why am I not surprised?

"So, what brings you here, mate?" I asked nervously, taking a seat on the couch opposite to him. "Just thought I'd pay you a visit. You know that you haven't met any of us in a long time, right?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "I don't really know, time goes by fast." I replied, ruffling my hair.

"Mate, you haven't seen Anna in almost two months, and you haven't seen Winnie, the lads and I in about 3 weeks or more. The same goes for Georgie, but at least she texts us back." he said, looking at me intently. "I don't know what to say." I said, shifting my gaze anywhere but him. "Look, I know that you and Georgie have been dating for about 6 months now, but don't forget about your friends, Haz." he said. "What am I supposed to do then, Niall?! Ignore my girlfriend and spend all my free time with you guys?!" I spat. "I never said that. None of us expect that from you, Haz. But just think about it, you spend every free minute of the day with Georgie, but what about us? We don't expect you to spend all of your free time for us, but at least make a little time for us, the least you could do us is meet us once in a week, or have a group Skype call once in a while. Like I said, you haven't talked to any of us properly for weeks, and for Anna, it's probably been months." he replied, as calmly as possible. "Well, she looks too damn busy with her own life, Niall!" I said. "Isn't she allowed to have a life as well, Harry? It's not like she forgot about us! She's trying so hard to keep you in her life too, but are you making the same effort? When was the last time you replied to her text?" he asked, raising his voice a little. "It's been a month. But I tried to call her toda-" "That doesn't matter, Harry. You can't just call her after 2 months, just to know what's up with her because you got reminded of her existence one fine morning!" he said, cutting me off. I had absolutely no idea what to say. No matter what he said, she's busy with her new life, and we all know it.

"You have no idea what's going on her life, you know why? Because you're stubborn. You can't accept the fact that she doesn't have a new life with her new friends; that she still cares about you and wants you in her life. None of you are at fault, really. But you make it seem like you're pushing her out of your life by not replying to her texts, and not hanging out with her. She feels like she's lost you, and she has no bloody idea what to do, because she hasn't had a proper conversation with you in so long, she doesn't know what's happening in your life anymore, she feels so lost, but she covers it up with her new friends that you supposedly think are more important. You have no right to say that she's too busy with her new life and new friends, because she hasn't forgoten the rest of us! I wouldn't be surprised if she thought the same about you, but she doesn't." he continued. I was flabbergasted as I heard him talk, his voice being raised and lowered multiple times in between sentences. "But who am I to interfere, right? Just know that I'm telling you this because you're one of my best mates, and I genuinely care about you; not because someone sent me here. Now what you choose is up to you, none of us have forced you to keep us in your life, and we won't in the future as well. We still care about you, and we're really hoping that you still care about us." he said, standing up from the couch, a painful look on his face.

I silently watched him leave without saying goodbye. I had no idea what to feel, what to say, or what to think. I just sat on my couch, drowned in my thoughts.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

I left Harry's house with tears in my eyes and a dull ache in my chest. I'll probably never feel even close to what Anna must be feeling right now, but I think I have a slight idea of what she must be going through.

I didn't want to be angry, it was hard to control my feelings of anger, but somehow, I felt more disappointed, and miserable than angry.

Was he so blind? Doesn't he see how much he means to all of us? I wish it was possible for people like us to care about other people just as much as they cared about us, it would make life so much more easy and simple. Anna doesn't deserve this; none of us deserve this.

I don't know how she deals with all of this, maybe she's gone through similar things too many times to count, but how can someone get used to this? This horrible feeling that kills you from the inside, slowly and painfully.

I sat in my car, thoughts swirling around in my head, and feelings of anger, sadness, misery, disappointment, rage, helplessness and worry mixed together.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

I just got home after spending the whole day with Liam, I honestly had such a great time with him, and I wish it'd last forever, but sadly, nothing lasts forever.

I hadn't thought about Harry all day, that's good, I guess. Crap, I'm thinking about him now. I bet he's with Georgie right now, probably unaware of my existence.

Tears streamed down my face as I suddenly felt feelings of rage. I grabbed the nearest object and threw it across the room. A loud crash filled the empty air as the photo frame that I'd thrown at the wall dropped to the floor.

I walked over to it and picked it up, carefully brushing away the broken glass pieces without cutting myself.

It was a picture of Harry, Georgie, Winnie and I, one of the only pictures in which Harry was next to me, and not Georgie. He had his one arm around me, the other arm holding my shoulder, and the happiest and goofiest smile on his face with his dimples on show and his bright green eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

No matter how much I tried to tell myself that I shouldn't care about him so much, I can never stop caring about him, because even if I don't mean the world to him, he still means the world to me.

You take the clothes off my back,
And I let you.
You'd steal the food right out my mouth,
And I watch you eat it,
I still don't know why,
Why I love you so much.

You curse my name,
In spite, to put me to shame.
Have my laundry in the streets,
Dirty or clean,
Give it up for fame.
But I still don't know why,
Why I love it so much.

And baby,
It's amazing I'm in this maze with you,
I just can't crack your code,
One day you're screaming you love me loud,
The next day you're so cold.
One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care,
You're so unfair, 
Sipping from your cup t
ill it runneth over, Holy Grail.


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