Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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20. Chapter 19.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

Tonight's the party. I should be excited, but I'm not. Mostly because Conor's gonna be there.

Sigh, I suppose I should decide what to wear, considering I have only 4 hours left to think, and if I procrastinate I'll spend most of the time playing COD, and then I'll panic at the last minute.

I looked through all the dresses in my closet and groaned in frustration. After half an hour of rejecting almost every dress in my closet, I finally settled on a navy blue sleeveless dress that stopped at my knees.

I quickly jumped in the shower and washed my hair thoroughly and stepped out of the en-suite bathroom drying off my hair with a towel. I abruptly stopped and contemplated on how to style my hair.

After blow-drying my hair, I decided to curl it with a hair straightner and apply some makeup afterwards. Satisfied with my hair and makeup, I looked at the time and I had just over an hour to get ready. Just then, I received a text from Winnie.

From *WinnieThePooh* : Help me decidewhat to wear, Georgie's too busy making out with Harry, so GET HERE NOW!

My heart dropped as I read the text. I'm sure she's joking, but what if that's true?

I shook that horrid thought off and carefully slipped on my dress and put on a thin tan belt around my waist followed by my light blue jeans jacket. I quickly grabbed my phone, some loose change, my lipstick and put them into a clutch. I stepped into my blue heels and made my way out of my house and locked the front door.

As I reached Winnie's house, I made my way downstairs and found Winnie in her room, looking really frustrated.

"Oh, thank God you're here! We have an hour left and I still haven't chosen what to wear and need to get my makeup done." she rambled. "Chill, babe. Sit down, I'll pick out a dress for you, and then we'll get your makeup done, okay?" I said gesturing for her to sit down on her bed. "Okay," she whispered.

I quickly picked out a stunning red dress and matching to go with it, and handed it to her whilst I looked through her makeup kit.

She stepped out in less than 5 minutes, and I started on her makeup right away. Within 15 minutes, I was done and she was very happy with her looks, and we sat down, waiting for our ride.

"So, what's going on with you and Niall?" I asked, getting straight to the point. "What do you mean?" she asked, trying to look confused. "You know what I mean, Winnie. Spill!" I giggled. She turned a deep shade of crimson before speaking up. "I'm not really sure what's going on, but our feelings are mutual, we both like each other. A lot. So, I'm hoping things go in the right direction." she said, blushing and looking at her feet. "That's great! I'm really happy for you, Winnie." I said, truthfully. I really was happy for her, she deserved someone as amazing, caring and loving as Niall.

"What about you, though? Any luck with Harry? Or is Liam starting to take his place?" I felt my heart stop as I heard the words slip out of her mouth. "Harry's my bestfriend, Winnie. Nothing will ever happen between us, that's for sure. And as for Liam, there's honestly nothing going on." I said, faking a smile. "You and Harry are meant to be!" she said, nudging my arm with her elbow. "But I think Liam really likes you." "Harry and I, never going to happen, okay? Maybe Liam does like me, but he hasn't told me anything as of now, so yeah." I said, checking the time.

Just as I was about to say that we were going to be late if our ride didn't show up, Winnie received a text.

"Georgie and Harry are going with Austin, so they won't be able to pick us up on their way." Winnie said, looking slightly hurt. "I guess we should walk, then." I said, sighing.

Maybe Harry really doesn't care about me. He willingly ditched us tonight, before the party might I add. I was really looking forward to the girls, Harry and I going together and hanging out like old times.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of a car horn.

"What the hell?" I said, stepping out onto my driveway. It was none other than Mr. Douche, aka Conor, sitting in his expensive car with that devilish smirk on his face. If only I could wipe it off of his face. With my fist.

"Well, you're looking undeniably beautiful tonight." he said, nodding in my direction. "Who invited you here?" I said, folding my arms together. "I came to pick you up, love." he said, his smirk growing wider. "I already have a ride, get lost." I lied. "Who is it?" Winnie asked, stepping out of my house. "She can come with us, don't worry." he said, stepping out of his car. "What makes you think that I'm going with you?" I snapped. "I know that you don't have a ride, cut the crap already, love." he said, pushing my bangs behind my ears. "Fuck you," I breathed, walking towards the passenger side of his vehicle.

*Georgie's P.O.V.*

I called Harry over since I couldn't decide what to wear. My mind was filled so many thoughts that even the simplest of decisions seemed very complex.

"Hey," Harry said, popping his head into my room. "Hey, come in." I said, standing up to give him a hug. He wrapped his big strong arms around me, and I snuggled into his warmth.

As I pulled away, I noticed that he was already dressed for the party in a tight fitting dark blue button up shirt and skin tight black jeans with his white converse, and his hair up in a quiff.

"What's wrong?" he asked, rubbing my cheek with the back of his hand. "Nothing, you just look really good." I said, fiddling with the collar of his shirt. "I know there's something wrong, tell me, Georgie." he said, lifting up my chin to face him. "I can't decide what to wear." I said, frowning a little. "I'll help you," he said, leaning in closer, and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. It was my first kiss, and I must say, it was amazing.

He slowly pulled away and looked into my eyes, his green eyes looking like two emarald stones.

"You're beautiful, have I ever told you that?" he whispered, his lips still inches away from mine. "You tell me everyday, Harr." I said, blushing. "Because you are, and I love you, Georgina." he said, kissing my forehead. "You take me to another world, Harry." I said, looking up at him. "Good, because you take me to another world too." he said before pulling me in for another kiss.

"I really need to pick out a dress, Harr. We're going to be late." I mumbled as we pulled away. "Okay, okay, I'll help you." he said, shooting me his best smile.

I looked at the time as he dug through my closet. Shit, we're supposed to pick Anna and Winnie up in half an hour, we'll never make it in time.

"Harr, we won't be able to pick Anna and Winnie up, I haven't even picked out a dress yet." I said, starting to panic a little. "It's okay, love. Send them a text saying that we're going with Austin, I'll give him a call when you're getting ready and tell him to pick us up on the way." he said, walking towards me with one of my dresses in his hands.

"I think you should wear this." he said, handing a purple dress to me. "Thanks, Harr." I said, kissing his cheek.

~A few hours later~

I felt bad for ditching the girls, I knew they were looking forward to us going together, but I guess they would've been more pissed if we went late.

My thoughts kept going back to the kisses Harry and I shared. Did this mean that he wants to be more than friends? Or is he just trying this out to see if it feels right? All I know is, I need to talk to Harry about this later.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

After the torturous ride with Conor, we were finally here. It was a typical high school party, with music blasting through the whole house, red plastic cups thrown everywhere, and everyone was either dancing, making out, or talking.

Harry still wasn't here, and I wondered why I even cared. I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink and ease up a little.

I hesitated to drink the cup of beer that I was holding, afraid that I'd go and have some more, and eventually get so drunk that I'd let out all my secrets. But then, one drink wouldn't hurt, so I drank it up in one go.

Feeling slightly better, I go around looking for Winnie, feeling bad for ditching her.

After a few minutes of searching around, I finally found her, talking to a bunch of girls. I recognized them right away, and prayed that I wouldn't have to make small talk with them.

"There you are, Winnie! Sorry I left you all by yourself, had to get a drink." I said, walking towards her. "Hey, Anna. How's Harry?" Jessica grinned, turning her gaze towards me. "Hi, Jess. How would I know, he's not here with me." I replied, trying my best to keep a smile on my face. "Oh, I thought you guys were like a couple or something." she said, clearly looking surprised. "Never have been, never will be." I said, trying to look convincing. "That's a shame, you guys would've been perfect." "Well, it was really nice meeting you again, Jess. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna grab some more drinks, are you coming with, Winnie?" I raised my eyebrows questioningly. "Um, just get me a beer, I'm gonna catch up with Jess for a while." she replied.

As I walked away, I started to get annoyed with how everyone thought Harry and I belonged together or whatever. He's my bestfriend, nobody stops to consider that for even a second. But then again, whenever I'm thinking about Harry, I never consider that factor either.

I stand by the counter and rub my hand against my forehead. I really need to get this shit sorted. Maybe I need to be honest and just tell him. But what if I lose him? I'd never be able to deal with that, ever. I'd rather be haunted by ghosts, or attacked by hundreds of spiders, or be abducted by  aliens, than lose him. Life was unimaginable without him. Everything I did was for him, I never had to think twice, and I was willing to do anything for him, even if he he doesn't ask me to.

I quickly grabbed a cup full of beer before my thoughts went overboard and gulped it down. I duplicated the same action about 4 more times and downed them all one by one. After doing so I filled it one more time and grabbed another cup for Winnie and filled it too.

I walked out of the kitchen, taking a few sips of beer, and gave Winnie her drink. Just as I finished my drink, I looked at Harry walk in with Georgie by his side, wearing a tight dark blue button up shirt almost the same shade as my dress, tight fitting black skinny jeans, and his favourite white converse, and to make things worse for me, his hair was up in a messy quiff makes him looking flawless in every way.

But as I was about to walk towards him, I felt the alcohol kick in and my knees buckle beneath me as I passed out into oblivion.

Suddenly I found myself on grass. Not just any grass, but the grass on Harry's backyard.

As I looked around, I saw his tall figure hovering above me, his green orbs sparkling in the sunlight. "Let's play tag, I'm it." he smirked, and as if involuntarily, within seconds I was up on my feet and running as fast as I could.

It wasn't long before he'd caught hold of me from behind, but in the process, we both fell on the ground, on top of each other, and somehow, he was facing me.

We were both silent as his beautiful face hovered over mine. I expected him to say, 'Tag! You're it.' and run away, but they say 'Expect the unexpected.' and that's exactly what happened; the unexpected. I found his lips on mine, and it felt like a dream come true. I never wanted this moment to end, and if it was possible to stop time, I would've.

Soon enough, he pulled away, and whispered, "Tag, you're it."

But before I could feel his weight lift off of me, my eyes shot open, and confusion immediately struck me.

It was then that I realized that I'd been dreaming. The light from the window was blinding, and the horrid headache building up in the core of my head was sickening. I tried to recall the events of the previous night, hoping that I hadn't done something incredibly stupid. I quickly grabbed my phone in hopes of getting some information on what happened.

All that I found was a text from Liam.

From *Leeyum Paayyyneeee* : Hey, love. I need to talk to you.

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