Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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2. Chapter 1.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

As I made my way through the hallways at my school, I saw a familiar face. One I'd seen too many times, but hadn't gotten sick of. Every time I saw face, I swear, the whole world lit up, and I felt like everything revolved around just the two of us, literally. He made my heart race, and I had no idea how he could do that. As he spotted me in the crowd and approached me, he shot me a smile, and it felt like the whole world stopped and stared at him for a while. He took my breath away. And yet, I was left here, helplessly waiting for him, with my heart pounding against my chest.

He got really close to me, and mumbled, "Hey love." and proceeded to push my hair behind my ear and brush his fingertips against my cheek. A blush crept up my cheeks, but I didn't turn away. Instead I just stood there, and shamlessly stared into those green orbs that he called his eyes while breathing in his heavenly scent. "Hey Haz." was all I could say without stuttering. "You look nice today." he somehow managed to get close and I wondered how he could be so close to me without our faces touching. "Scratch that, you look beautiful. Everyday. You look beautiful everyday." as he said that, I looked down at the ground. Slowly I felt him pull my chin up to look him in the eyes. "Don't be shy babe, it's true, you're very beautiful. Nobody should think otherwise."

Wondering what was up with Harry, and if this was a dream, I got lost in my own thoughts, only to be snapped out of them by a pair of soft lips, connecting with mine. It was the best feeling in the world, and I could literally feel fireworks, like how they describe it in all of those cheesy love stories. I didn't know it was possible to be this close to someone, and have this feeling. It wasn't possible to put my feelings into words, but all I can say is, I was having the time of life, and this is truly amazing. As much as I'm having the time of life finally getting kissed by the boy of my dreams; the love of my life, I really want to just stare into his hypnotizing green eyes and grab his luscious curls, thinking, I'm the luckiest girl on this planet. Just as he deepened the kiss by leaning in closer and holding me by the waist, I was about to grab him by the neck, but I suddenly heard some music in the background. It sounded like Nicki Minaj. Wait, what?! Nicki Minaj is at my school? In Holmes Chapel?

"Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away,
Beating like a drum and it's coming your way, 
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom bass,
He got that super bass,
Boom, badoom, boom Boom, badoom, boom bass, 
Yeah that's that super bass.

My eyes shot open as I was abruptly woken up by the constant vibrating of my cellphone. What? That kiss with Harry was just a dream?! Noo! It can't be, it felt so, real. This cannot be happening. Why me?! Well, I guess I can just dream about kissing Harry. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me that way at all. I bet he isn't even thinking about me right now. Sigh, time to get up and wake the girls up, if they haven't already. I got up and shuffled my way across the room.   "Yo, Winnie, wake the heck up! How can Nicki Minaj not have woken you up?!" I yelled while shaking her body furiously. I'm definitely not a morning person, and I hate being woken up from my sleep, especially when I'm having a fantastic dream. "Mhmmfdkmk." I heard her mumble half asleep. "WIIIIINNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, TIIIMEEEEE TOOOO GEEEETTTTTT UUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream while jumping up and down on the bed she was asleep on. "Alright, alright! I'm up, geez, get off me." she chuckled. "Now help me wake Georgie up!" I managed to say while holding back a giggle.   We made our way to Georgie and each stoof right in front of Georgie's ears. "3, 2, 1," I signalled to Winnie with my fingers. "WAAAAAAKEEEEEE UUUUUUPPPPPP GEEEEEEEOOOOORRRRGGGGGIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! IT'S A BEEEEEEAAUUUUUTIIIIFUUUULLLL SUUUUMMMMMEEEERRRRRR DAAAAAAAYYYY, GET YOUR ASS OFF THE BED!" we both screamed simultaneously. We both smirked as Georgia woke up screaming like there was no tomorrow. "DON'T KILL ME!" she shrieked. Winnie and I burst out laughing looking at how terrified Georgie was. "Ugh, I hate you guys!" she yelled at us while trying to hit us with her pillow. "I'm cooking breakfast, come and get some when you calm down!" I said while dragging Winnie downstairs with me.  

*Georgie's P.O.V.*

I slowly sat up rubbing my eyes and wondered what day it was. Then I realized that it was summer, who cares what day it is? I felt my phone vibrate and checked it to find a text from Harry.  

From *Harreh:D* : Morning love! What's up? .x

To *Harreh:D* : Hey Harr. Just got woken up by the two horrible people that I call my bestfriends. What about you?x

From *Harreh:D* : Just the usual. I just have an interview tomorrow and I'm done! :D

To *Harreh:D* : You're coming back home after that? :o

From *Harreh:D* : Yes, but not exactly home, we'll be going to Niall's place for a few days first, then Zayn's place, then Louis', then Liam's and then we'll be home. The boys will be here for 4 days, and then I have a month till school starts to spend time just with you guys. .xx

To *Harreh:D* : So, we'll finally get to meet the boys now?! Wow, we're all huge fans, this is gonna be great! X

From *Harreh:D* : I'll be back home in 18 days! :D I cannot wait to see you again, I can't help but wonder how you're doing, I miss you more than words can describe Georgina. I love you, you know that, right?<3

To *Harreh:D* : Wow, in 18 days, I'll be able to talk to you face to face. I miss you so much, you have no idea! Nope, remind me, Harold. I love you btw<3

From *Harreh:D* : Mhm, and I'll finally get to see your pretty face again. Alright, I'll remind you just how much I love you when I'm on the flight to Ireland, alright? ;) Talk to you tomorrow, I'm tired, had a long day.. Goodnight babe<3

To *Harreh:D* : Night love

I know that it looks like I'm dating Harry, but I'm not, I just love him. As a bestfriend does. It's hard to explain, but as time goes by, it might get easier. But anyway, wow, Harry's gonna be home in 18 days! Haven't seen him in what feels like years, I should go tell the girls.  

Not caring about how I look, I made my way down the stairs and found Anna cooking some scrambled eggs and bacon while Winnie sat on the counter admiring her cooking skills. "I see that Harry's taught you well. He'll be very proud when he gets here." I said smiling big. "I'm sure he will." Anna replied smiling back at me. "I have some news," I started as the girls turned to look at me, "Harry's gonna be here in 18 days!" I said excitedly. I think for just a split second, I saw Anna's face drop, but before I could blink she was smiling big and cheering with Winnie. "And, I'm not done, the boys will be here for the first 4 days!" I continued, and I swear, we all squeeled. We were such fangirls.  

*Anna's P.O.V.*

After the whole squeeling session, I realized I was cooking and quickly turned around. Phew, thankfully the food was burnt, but it was done, so I put it on two plates and gave them to the girls. They thanked me and went to the living room after grabbing some OJ.  

I sighed to myself as I thought, how come Harry didn't tell me this? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm really happy he's gonna be here in less than a month, but I really wish he told me first. Is Georgie somehow closer to him than I am? I guess so. I mean, he always replies to her immediately. She's his priority, and I'm not. I just wish he valued our friendship more. Not because I like him, but because I'm his bestfriend, doesn't he owe me that much?  

I put the rest of the scrambled eggs and bacon on my plate, grabbed a glass of OJ and made my way into the living room and sat on the dining table. "I think we should throw a "Welcome home!"
 party for Harry" Winnie squeeled excitedly. I heard Georgie chuckle and say, "Sure, that'd be nice, what do you think, Anna?" she looked at me questioningly. "I don't mind, I'm sure Harry would like that, but let's keep it low key, I'm sure the boys will be tired from all the travelling." I replied. "Alright, it's settled then, we're gonna throw a very casual, low key "Welcome home!" party for Harry!" Georgie exclaimed.  

~Later that night~  

Just as I was done ordering some Chinese takeout for dinner, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from Harry, sigh, I think I'll just read it and reply later, let's see how that feels.  

From *Hazza* : Hey love. xx  

How in God's name can I ignore that, even for a minute?!  

To *Hazza* : Hey Haz. :D x

From *Hazza* : My last interview's tomorrow, so the boys and I'll be going to Niall's place after that, then Zayn's, then Louis', then Liam's, and then I'll be home and they'll be here for 4 days, you'll finally get to meet them! :D

To *Hazza* : I know, Georgie told me. :)

From *Hazza* : Oh, good! Can't wait to see you. xx

To *Hazza* : Me too. I miss you so much, Harold.

From *Hazza* : I miss you too, Annabelle. Anyway, I gotta go get ready for my last interview! I'll talk to you when I'm in Ireland! Take care babe. :) x

To *Hazza* : Good luck, talk to you soon! Xx  

Great. He told Georgie in the morning, and he tells me at night? Well, I guess I'm not that important to him. He says he doesn't want to lose me, but then he goes and gives Georgie more importance. How is that supposed to make me feel? He's practically pushing me away. But sadly, I can't live without him. He's the kind of person I could never imagine my future without. Because whenever we talk about our plans for the future late at night, somehow, he makes me feel like he wants to spend it with me. But who am I kidding, he probably says that to Georgie too. I bet they talk about it all the time since he always replies to her instantly. I can't help but feel unwanted. But at the same time, I think I'm falling in love with him. Or maybe that's just the crazy person inside me talking. But either way, this boy's got me under a spell, and he has no idea.

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