Stronger (Sequel to I Wish)

I reccomend you read 'I Wish' before this one.

It has been one and a half years since Kirsty last saw the members of One Direction. They haven't contacted each other at all over this period so Kirsty has not told them that she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy was unwanted and unexpected and the father is her rapist ex-boyfriend Dylan, who again did it to her 7 months after she had moved away from the boys and out of her Dad's house.
Kirsty, now 18, is now nearing her due date. When she is putting up her decorations in time for Christmas, an early, unexpected present arrives at her door.


18. What Just Happened?

Harry's POV

Kirsty and I had kissed for over 5 minutes, but she jumps back in shock once she realised what she was doing.

'Oh Harry, I'm so sorry!' She exclaims and then walks into the kitchen.

'Kirsty, wait! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let it happen,' I say, not wanting to let on to her that I enjoyed it and want her all to myself. Damn Louis, he's engaged to her and has a kid with her. 

'No, no. It shouldn't have happened,' she whispers and starts to tear up. 'I have to tell Louis what happened.'

Kirsty runs up the stairs and I follow quickly behind her. She is already in her room when I reach the top of the stairs and I see her unlocking her iPhone. 'No! He's going to kill me, and god knows what's going to happen to you both!,' I shout but she carries on.

'Harry, you don't understand! I can't lie to Louis, what if he finds out, then we're done!' Kirsty yells back at me, and then I just give up. There is no talking her out of this, so I guess I'm destined for a smashed nose.

Kirsty holds the phone to her ear and starts talking after about 15 seconds of waiting. 'Hey Louis,' she says shakily into the phone. She puts the phone on speaker quickly before Louis speaks.

'Hello, beautiful, what's up?' Louis' cheery voice came through the phone.

'I-I kissed Harry...' Kirsty drifts off.

There was silence for a while before three beeps sounded through the phone, signalling that Louis had hung up on her. Kirsty throws the phone on the bed, just so it could fall off the other end. Her back slides down the wall and she puts her head in her hands.

'Harry, it would be best if you left. I don't want you here when Louis gets home,' Kirsty says and I agree. I kiss her temple and walk out of the door, heading for the front door.


Kirsty's POV

I sit against the wall for a while before remembering the photo album that I came across before we left to take Lola to school. I push myself up and walk down the stairs, and reach into the cupboard next to the front door.

The album was resting on the second shelf as if it was about to fall off, so I quickly grab it and wander into the living room. Once I was comfortable on the sofa, I slowly open the cover and see a photo of me and the boys in Malibu, smiling. 

I flip through the album, not knowing that I had kept this. Most of them were of Harry and I as a happy couple, and then me and Niall and finally Louis and I near the end. Suddenly, the front door burst open and there stood Louis - with a face of thunder.

'Louis, calm down!' I yell and he does. He notices that I'm crying and his face softens; he never likes to see me cry. 'Why are you home so early?'

'Why do you think?' He sounds irritated.

'Because of the call?' I whisper as he sits down beside me.

'Why Kirsty?' Louis asks, eyes boring into mine. I could tell he was eager to know.

'I was just caught up in the moment, I have no feeling for Harry at all, I love you. He tried to stop me from telling you because he was afraid of what would happen bu-'

'Okay, you can stop babbling now,' Louis says.

'I'm so sorry, I never meant for this to happen,' I sob and hug him tightly.

'You know I hate cheaters, but I do love a girl who eats carrots. It's hard to decide...' He drifts off, grinning at me.

'Choose the girl who eats carrots because you love me too much,' I giggle and kiss him.

'I'm serious though, this better not happen again or we will have to call off the engagement,' Louis now has his serious expression on.

'I promise it wont, I love you so much Lou,' I whisper and hug him tighter.

'I love you too,' He kisses my temple and says that he's going to take the rest of the day off. He can't be around Harry after today because it wont be good if he punches him during the rehearsal.

I pull back gently and pull out the photo album. 'Look what I found earlier,' I showed him it and he took it from my hands.

After about 10 minutes, Louis had finished flipping through it and his eyes were tearing up. 'It's a trip down memory lane. I hate these memories, but I love them too,' Louis says and hands the album back to me.

'Why don't you like them?' I question looking confused.

'Firstly, you are all cosy with Harry and Niall. Second, you almost died during that time,' Louis was about to cry. 'What would I do if I lost you, eh?'

'You'd live, I'm not good for you anyway,' I whisper and drop my head. Louis lifts it back up and kisses me passionately.

'Don't ever say that! I love you and so does Lola. Think, would she be here if you died?' Louis asked and I slowly shook my head. 

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was three twenty-five in the afternoon - five minutes until Lola comes out of school. We both jump up and run to the shoe rack, before running out of the door to make sure that Lola comes out of school with us and not Dylan.

When we arrived at the school gates, everyone was already coming out of school and Lola - nowhere to be seen. Where was she? She can't have gone off with anyone because I told the teachers who Dylan was. I run over to her class teacher and ask where she is.

'I don't know, the TA had to take her back upstairs to get her lunchbox, but that was five minutes ago,' Miss Jones tells us and we run down the corridor to Lola's classroom. The TA and Lola were both missing, so we decide to go on a search around the classroom.

A shadow appeared in the doorway as we were looking and at first it was hard to make out who it was. Then we saw him.


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